Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Next Generation

Over the river, and through the woods,
to Grandmother's house we go!
And guess what?!? I will be the grandmother in a few short months! Yay!
For as long as I have been married, I have cooked holiday meals. When Sweetie was in the service, we cooked for (and with) our friends when we weren't "home" for the holidays. There were many single sailors who came to Pretty's apartment for some home-cooking during those early years.

Then, after we moved "back home," I took over the family Thanksgiving holiday meal from my Sister-In-Law (she still did Christmas), and we fed our extended families every November, around a piece of plywood, on top of the pool table, in the basement. Now that our own kids are grown, we are finding that the holiday traditions are shifting, as we become the next "Grandparent Generation" in our families!

Last year, Army Boy returned from the Scary Place just before Turkey Day, and we decided to make it a quieter affair. . .just the immediate family. It was so good to have him (and Wifey Poo) "home" and around our holiday dinner table. This year, they are expecting their first child, and they will be coming home this week for that same holiday meal. . .I cannot wait! It will be a small-ish affair again, just us and the kids and their significant others. . .and maybe one or two tag-alongs. . .so different than the 18 people stuffed into the basement when we were the "Sandwich Generation" at the holidays!

I look forward to the days when both of my kids have kids, and they come "home" for the holidays. I look forward to a time when they start to bring their kids' "significant others" along once in awhile. I look forward to stuffing bunches of people into the basement, around that plywood again. I look forward to the day that our kids become Grandparents, too, and maybe sitting at their holiday tables for a change. . .

Until then, I pray for their safety as they travel over the highways, and through the mountain tunnels to Grandma's house. I pray that the love they have learned around our holiday table, and in our home, will carry them into parenthood and grand-parenthood with few regrets, and much contentment. Most of all, I pray that they will be as proud of their kids, and of themselves, as we are.

As you prepare your holiday meal, and as you travel to wherever you are going to share that meal, I pray also for your safety and health. I pray that you will bask in the warm glow of all that is good this holiday season, and that you will be content, even if others around you turn all "Scrooge-y."

Happy Thanksgiving, and Knit in Good Health!
Disclaimer: Please knit only in the passenger seat, leave the driving to someone else if you have emergency holiday projects to finish "on the road"!


  1. Have a great weekend with your family!! And a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving... We all have much to be Thankful for....

    God Bless!

  3. We did the plywood thing too :) Great minds and all that huh? And like you, this year was small and quiet/er
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!