Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Very Crafty Week!

It's been a very crafty week for a very crafty gal in the land of Pretty Knitty! I have been busy every day, getting home from work (and other things) after 8 almost every night this week! Friday was no exception, even though I left my "regular" job two hours early, there have just been so many errands and things, that my Pretty Knitty self is spinning inside it's head.

Saturday promises more of the same. . .yikes! Thank goodness for my very smart phone, and thank you to Blogger for letting me write on Friday to publish on Saturday! I love you, truly I do, technology!!!

You may ask yourself how I could have been so crafty this week, what with the working, and the party planning, and the visiting, and the church stuff, and the knitting meet-up, and the dozen phone calls and visits to the cell phone store to adjust my bill, and. . .well, you get the idea. But still I found the time. I am simply amazing. And humble. Prepare to be amazed.

Remember "Knit Happy"? I had talked about the pins I was making for the etsy shop, and that I would be starting to list them this week. Well, I have finished putting all of them together (yay!), listed two of them here, and the rest are in this picture! I think they turned out pretty well. . .
This one is my favorite of the Christmas themed pins. . .
But I really like the dangles on this one, too. . .Honestly, I really don't know how I will part with them! Oh, wait. . .I remember! I can make more! Yay!

Speaking of making things, something pretty fun happened to me this week. . .I was wearing my Harumi while shopping with College Girl, and a random shopper asked me where I bought it! I said, "Oh! I made it. . .," and she exclaimed, "Wow! It's great! You should sell them!" I thanked her, and considered that comment, but really. . .for a sweater this great, I think she should learn to knit! (I did not tell her this, I do not think she would have understood.)

I also received some compliments on the Baby Shower Invites I put together to celebrate the fact that we will soon have a Grand Daughter! That's right! They found out that it will be a girl! And she has a name! And we have planned a shower! Let the frilly, pink knitting begin! (Oh, and start thinking of a blog name for the little peanut before March!)
Now, don't get me wrong, there has already been some baby knitting! However, not knowing if it's a boy or girl meant that the first projects were not frilly OR pink! lol! There are a couple of sweaters planned, matching hats, a few pairs of baby socks going. . .I think there is almost nothing I love more right now than teensy-tinsy baby socks!
Although there is some competition! Marriage Lines is my November sock pattern, and they are well underway already, with sock one complete to the point of the heel flap! The yarn is Okay Knits Sawa-Sawa in the color "Sweetness," which is very thin (I am knitting on 2mm needles), but I love them already! And Saturday promises a LOT of car time, ripe with knitting possibilities!
Yes, it has been a crafty, busy week for Pretty! I look forward to a nice, long Sunday afternoon nap tomorrow! But, I am glad that I have had these few moments to stop in and say hello, and I am so happy to see you here! Don't forget to breathe, and I will try to remember to take my own advice!
Knit in Good Health!


  1. My goodness girl, you have been very very busy!
    I thought maybe the grandbaby was a girl!! . Are you going to share the name with us?
    Congratulations to you and your family!!!
    Love the pins...

  2. PHew a busy week! I hope that next week is a bit calmer for us all!!!