Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweater Weather, and other things. . .

I have been meaning to make some more polymer clay pieces for the shop for some time, and I finally did that last Sunday! Go, me! AND, since my original niche for my knitting row counters was sweaters, I decided to get back to the basics a little bit with the new pieces. . .

There are short sleeved sweaters (pink arrows), long sleeved sweaters (blue arrows), and a couple of holiday pieces (green arrows), thrown in just for fun! I had a blast with these pieces, and I hope to have them listed at Pretty Knitty Jewelry, starting before this Saturday!
"But, what is the yellow arrow pointing to, Pretty?"

Haha! The yellow arrow points out my priorities, which you will surely understand if you are reading this blog! That's the church calendar in my office, and the yellow arrow points to the word "Knitters" on EVERY THURSDAY, signifying one day each week that I work toward, and the knitting meet-up that helps to restore my sanity. . .even when the week has been crazy, crazy, crazy busy. . .or downright awful. I love my knitting friends, and I look forward to Knitting Thursdays with CKW. . .I rarely miss it! Yay!

Recently, a new knitting friend has been joining us on Thursdays. . .it's College Girl! Seen below, modeling a very chic, very purple nosewarmer made of acrylic yarn, she is quite a good sport most of the time (or this picture would not be in the blog)!!! Lately, she has been joining her Pretty Knitty mom more and more for recreational time, and she has started helping me coordinate weddings at the church!
I have mentioned my Wedding-Coordinator-Hat to you before, and it is a hat that I love to wear! As College Girl gets ready to plan her wedding, I was glad to hear that she is starting to be curious about what goes on "behind the scenes" of a couple's very special day!
It's a lot of work, and a labor of love (well, there is a little paycheck, too. . .and yes, I am sharing the profits with her!). Last Saturday, we ran around with this couple, sharing in their joy in a very peripheral and busy way, until the last guest had left, and the last candle had been blown out, and the last of the church photos was taken. As the new Mr. & Mrs. left for their reception, College Girl and I wanted to just put our feet up and relax!
That did not last long! There were flower petals to sweep, furniture to rearrange for church (thank you, Sweet Hubster, for "muscling" into the day as well!), lights to turn off, and doors to lock up before we left. It was a good day, but it left me looking forward to my regular job at the church. . .where putting my feet up IS sometimes an option!
And see what's on those feet? Yep! It's the finished Dragonfly Socks that I promised would be done before the weekend. . .I finished them on Monday! lol

I hope that you have some time to put your feet up this week, and do whatever you enjoy (unless, of course, you enjoy hiking, biking, running, playing or other sporting activities requiring that your feet touch the ground)! In any case, as one of my one of my friends always says, do what you love!
And as I always say, Knit in Good Health!


  1. Maybe The Chicken will be feeling well enough tomorrow for me to venture out for a bit. I will shoot you a text if I am coming so you know to expect me. If not we need to get together to knit very soon!

  2. Yay YAY YAY! for Thursday my favorite day of the week!!!! Just because of knit night!!! It really is the best time!

    Love the picture of College Girl as well.(it's really a cute picture) I do hope that you will include it in a photo montage for her wedding! ;o)

    OH and Heather I don't know you but you really should come join us for knitting it is a great time!

  3. I love the picture of the nose warmer! lol. And I think you, College Girl(weird with me typing that. lol), my mom, and I need to hang out a night sometime. It would be fun to talk to you guys again. (:

  4. Are your feet up on your desk AT WORK????? I want that job!!