Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pot Luck Fun!

That's what we titled the Ravelry post as we planned a potluck for our knitting meetup group! And last Saturday was the day that all of the planning paid off. . .as you can plainly see:
Yumminess in many shapes and sizes, cold food, hot food, crunchy food, soft food, sweet food, savory food, the theme of the day was FOOD (just in case you missed that)! It's a little funny, because many of us have some food "sensitivities," and all of the dishes were described as, "Dawn brought that and there is no milk in it at all! It's really good!," or, "Connie left the ingredient list from the cake and pudding boxes right on the table, and I did not see any nuts or milk!" Everything was beyond delicious, and I don't think there were any digestive "issues" afterwards - yay and double yay!!

And, even though the girls protested, there is one picture of the friends!
That's not all of us, but it's a pretty good cross-section anyway! We started at around 4pm, and the last knitter left the church at around 11!!! It went a little longer than any of us thought it would, but with food, friends, fun and fiber, I really don't see how it could have been any shorter!

In Knitting Knews, I did make quite a bit of headway on my October sock at the potluck, and since. . .this is just the first one, but I've already turned the heel and decreased the gusset on this sock, and I only cast on 5 days ago! This one is knitting up quick, and I love the lace pattern! It is the Dragonfly Socks, and I am using 5th Avenue Funky Sock Yarn in pastel multi. It's an acrylic yarn, but these colors sure do brighten a dreary, October mood!
In other Knitting Knews, I was able to find another couple of skeins of the Bernat Baby Coordinates to finish this sweater. If you remember the last post, I ran out of yarn with six rows left to knit on the second sleeve. . .but I found the exact right pink (it seems the Sweet Stripes may have been discontinued), and I finished it up on Sunday. Since I also bought a whole skein of this yarn in the white, and since there is another baby girl at church that I have not yet knit for, I think I may make another! It was a fun knit, and I look forward to making my own stripes!
The Saturday song reference was Sunday Morning Six o'Clock by the Camel Drivers, from the 60s! I have had this song on a vinyl 45rpm (same label as in that video) record since I was a wee girl, and now I have an mp3. . .super yay! Because, of course, I am a morning person, and I like 6 o'clock!
Well, perhaps this post has enough potluck in it for now. Please pass it on to pretty knitters everywhere. . .I need more followers! lol Seriously, tho, this blog can be pretty random, but that's one of my favorite things about a potluck anything! Perhaps Pretty's potluck posting pleases people?!? haha!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. *loving the alliteration*....*LOL* Don't you just love the Dragonfly socks? I've knit two pairs of them. I really like that baby sweater, too. I may have to pry myself away from EZ's baby surprise sweater and try one of those for my grandniece, due on Valentine's Day. :-)

  2. I'm sorry I missed the fun! Next time, could you work around my schedule please. Hope to knit with you all Thursday.

  3. Yay for a wonderful day! Can't believe you all were there that long (okay, it doesn't surprise me that much.) Sock and sweater both look good. Off to investigate this Dragonfly pattern...

  4. I'll 2nd Corrie! Yat for a wonderful day! It was great fun!!! I'm actually surpised we left so early ! LOL Love the dragonfly sock, they look cool!