Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

So, last week, I posted VERY EARLY on Saturday, and today I sat down to post at 9:15PM! Apparently the only thing I am consistent with is the knitting! lol And since this is a knitting blog, first and foremost, here is some Knitting Knews. . .currently, this is what my 2nd November sock looks like:
Originally, I had wanted to finish these before November even started so that I could focus on some BABY knitting, but it does not look like I will finish this one tomorrow (unless I stay up all night tonight, which is not totally out of the question, I suppose. . .we did have a Trunk-Or-Treat at the church this evening, so I am all sugared up. . .all-night knitting. . .I think I could manage. But then again, maybe I won't). By the way, here's our Trunk:
I knew that I had some orange and yellow fleece, so I got a little bit of green, and several bags of fiberfill, and there you have it! I also had one of those foam-y-fake pumpkins that I bought to carve several years ago, but never had done that, so I dug it out of the attic, and TA-DAAAA!!! Instant, perennial jack o'lantern! Our little pumpkin patch was very festive!

So it has been a busy day. . .giving blood this morning, knitting at the farm this afternoon, and trunks and candy tonight. . .and I have gotten some more CRAP out of my house this weekend! See this dinosaur? See it's replacement to the right?
Enter the 21st century for our home phone number (which is the same one we have had since we moved here in 1995). . .now that number rings to a simple cell phone! At first I wasn't sure, but I became convinced when I thought about 75% savings off our monthly home phone bill! Yay! Maybe it's a small thing, but it was crap, and it is now out! Go me!

But, I digress. I was saying how I wanted those socks done so I could concentrate on baby knitting. . .after all, this sweater is still armless. . .
But this one (just an easy 5-hour sweater) is a step in the right direction, finished socks or not! All it needs is a little button, and it will be ready for a very special snuggle bunny! This is the knitting I brought on Thursday night, to the meetup!
And it was quite a meetup! There were friends. . .
. . .and more friends. . .
. . .and more friends. . .
. . .and more friends! As a matter of fact, there were 21 knitters that showed up this week! I think that's a record for a single meeting for this group, and it was good to see the coffee shop full of yarn and knitters! Wait a minute. . .do you see that. . .in the lower, left corner?
Haha! Yes, it's College Girl, who has finally come over to the dark side, and started coming up on Thursdays to knit with us some weeks! Soooo fun!
But now it's time for Pretty Knitty to proof this post and put away the technology. . .there is a pair of November socks waiting on the sofa! I am so glad that you stopped by!
Happy Halloween, everybody, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Those sweaters are adorable as is the "sock". You really had a great crowd! Thanks again for a fabulous blog!!!

  2. YAY for CKW! We ARE the best knitting group around!!

    Love the picture of you and Annie in your matching sweaters!!