Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review, Times Two

Soooo, my first comment on my last blog post was from Connie. Connie has been paying attention, and she noticed that I had forgotten to review a sock in my post. Apparently, I was so punch-drunk from all the cleaning solutions and dust that the review slipped my mind entirely!!! Ooops!

And here I am, making up for it, with Two, Two, Two Reviews in One (post)!!! After all, the May socks took nearly two months to finish, so they just about deserve their own post, don'tchathink? I started with luscious TV Yarn in the color Monk (one of my all-time favorite shows, because I think I "get" him). I ordered this yarn from White Oak Studio on Etsy. Her shop appears to be closed there (sad face here, I love her yarn), and her last blog update was last summer, so I don't know where you can find her, but do look.
I loved this yarn color so much that I was eager to start using it as soon as I opened the envelope on April 5th! I quickly cast onto my magic loop (not my preferred method, but the one I wanted to use for this one) and started into the pattern called "In The Mood," but apparently I wasn't. I loved the look of the herringbone stitches, and my needles were the 2.25mm size that I know and love for the fabric they create, but when I had finished the first of the toe-up socks, and woven in all the ends, (at both the toe and the cuff) it was a total no-go. . .as in NOT going over my heel. . .Ugh! FYI - herringbone seems to produce a less-stretchy fabric, so swatch and adjust whre you need to. . .

The pattern requires some concentration, but it is soooo pretty, and it was very well written. Even so, every time I went to pick up that sock to work on it, I thought, "Ugh!" That should have been my first clue, but I kept knitting on a sock that I absolutely hated, until I was rewarded (on April 27th) with a sock that would not go on over my heel. . .frustrated knitter was I!

But I knew how to fix it. I un-wove the end at the cuff, and I cast on again, another toe-up attempt on the same magic-loop needle. In three days' time, I had a beautiful, plain vanilla sock, ends woven neatly in, that looked about perfect. . .until I tried it on. (Will I never learn?!?) Still not going over my heel! Double Ugh!
I un-wove the cuff on that sock again, and I cast on again, but this time with my trusty bamboo DPNs (same size, 2.25mm), and I started over once again, cuff-down, plain vanilla with this yarn I love. . . By the end of May, I had knit a total of 4 socks, and I had a pair to wear! I do love this yarn, and I love the plain vanilla socks it made. They are beautiful, they fit, and I love the yarn, so eventually, they were perfect. :o)
I will not knit In The Mood again. Once again, the pattern is good, well-written, beautiful. This knitter just doesn't like it. Any pattern that makes me think in "F-words" should probably be banned from my personal knitting basket.

After the May experience, I was not as eager for June's entry in the sock club. . .but I forged on anyway, and I was really happy to pull up Snowflake Lace Socks! This is a pattern that I have had in my stash and drooled over for months, which is why I made sure it would be a part of this 12-month sock project! (Note: there is no picture on the pdf of the pattern, but here is my project page, with this photo, and a couple others!)
These were knit on the 2.25 bamboo DPNs with Knit Picks Stroll in lovely Lavendar. I love the look of these socks, and the lace was pretty easy to do, too. I so needed this pattern after the May socks, and I love the way they turned out! These will not leave my sock drawer. . .unless they are inside my shoes, that is!!! I believe that I WILL knit these again. As a matter of fact, I have a sparkly skein of blue yarn at home (might be blue and white?) and I can already feel another pair from this pattern forming on my needles. . .mmmmmmmmm!!! Love this pattern, and LOVE this Knit Picks yarn!

So there you have it. Two, Two, Two Reviews in One (post)!!! Did you find one you like, Connie? Thanks to Connie, Michelle, Cozy and Tinker for your wonderful comments on the last post. . .I love it when you chime in here, like friends around the kitchen table. You guys are the best! And thanks to everyone for stopping by again today!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Well, I can't really steal a plain vanilla sock, but I do have a couple of plain socks in my queue. The link in your post for the snowflake socks isn't working, but I found it on Revelry. In the Mood is pretty even though it didn't work out for you. Maybe if I made it bigger it would be okay. I might add them both to my library, just in case.

  2. Beautiful. I wish I loved knitting socks, I really do.

  3. Beautiful socks. But I'm more interested in the margarita mix.

  4. Stacy, that first pic was taken at Chili's, while I was waiting for a girlfriend coming for lunch! Margarita mix sounds mighty good, tho!

    And Alison, I wish I loved knitting shawls! I like having shawls, but I have a hard time staying committed to them as they grow! ugh!