Saturday, September 25, 2010

Plum Tuckered Out!

I am so tired tonight that I was just going to call this post "Speechless Saturday." You know, kinda like a Wordless Wednesday? But then I really got to thinking, and I realized how much Italian blood there is in my veins. . .speechless? I don't think so. So, here's why I am tired:

The day had a normal start, up fairly early, some Etsy shop stuff and laundry, and of course knitting. . .this is a sweet striped sweater for a baby girl. It's so fresh that it isn't even on Ravelry yet! But, after finishing the September socks, I just had to cast on something new!
Around lunchtime, some friends came over, and we all went to the park for a picnic lunch and some rock climbing!
Now, those of you who know Pretty know that she is not adventurous in the outdoor kinda way. Oh, you can give her some yarn and a coupla sticks, challenging her to make just about anything you can think of, and she will dive in and probably come up with something close to what you were thinking of. . .but take her outside, where the terrain is rugged, and lookout! Knitter down! Soooo not pretty!!! On the flip side, if her phone has a decent camera, she will take pictures of all of the adventure around her!
It must be a Mom thing, the picture taking. . .check out Family Gal, taking pictures of those cutie pies on the bridge over the river! She was a bit more adventurous than Pretty, climbing rocks with Sweetie, Family Guy, Boy 1 and Boy 2, AND she takes great pictures! I can't wait to see how this shot turns out! Of course, Family Gal does not knit. . .yet!
So, there was rock climbing and checking the depth of the river with long branches, while looking for crayfish or minnows in the water. And there was much laughter and fun!
Out of the woods, the fun continued as the two boys did their best to tire out their mom. . .
. . .and their dad. . .
. . .and everyone had fun on the playground!
And at the end of the afternoon, we were all ready for a nap!
But the Family Van had "Alternate" plans!
But by the end of the day, the van was ready to go, and everyone had a full tummy of spaghetti and chocolate cake, and we were all "Plum Tuckered Out," in the best kind of way! Now it's time to tuck everyone into a cozy bed for a good night's sleep, so we can all dream dreams of days like this one - nearly perfect!
I hope that your today was at least half as good as mine.
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!