Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Autumn!

Kids are back to school!
Watch out for the yellow bus, and don't you make such a fuss
September's here so mind the Golden Rule!

It's beginning to look and feel like Autumn!
Sixty-six degrees -
Last week it was really hot, today it is really not;
Summer's end is just what I can seeee!
It's beginning to look alot like Autumn! (Autumn!) Autumn! (Autumn!)

Haha! Get it? That's my Summer's End sweater up there! It had been two weeks since I had worked on it in earnest, and then I pulled it out a knitting on Thursday night this week. . .I am ready now to join the sleeves to the body, and it was all I could do to take this cozy sweater off my lap to get anything done today!

Recently, we had a little heat wave, with temps up in the mid 90s! Now, it's not odd for the temps to go that high in my neck of the woods, but we generally expect that more toward the middle of summer. . .and (as you may have read earlier here), Fall is nearly on us at this point! Ugh!

But today. . .today, the high temperature was a glorious 66 degrees Farrenheit, sunny and windy with a spotty shower here and there! I wore my Harumi cardi over a long-sleeve tee with JEANS! And, of course, I took the opportunity to knit on thick wool. . .luxurious! Know what else I did?

Well, Sweetie and I went to give blood, because it had been 8 weeks. It all went without a hitch. . .for Sweetie, that is. It seems that my iron was a bit low, so I waited, and knit on some Christmas presents. . . I have not had low iron since I was a teenager! Weird. But, I can try again in a week.
After we got home from the blood bank, I decided that I could not do this gloriously cool day without peanut butter cookies, so here they are!
Or, rather, were. . .and they were delicious! Yummm! The veggies and chicken were good too, but we still have some of those leftover, so I don't miss them as much as I miss the cookies. . .sigh!
It should still be cool enough to make a few more cookies tomorrow, and I already hear the oven calling to me!

We also joined the fun at a little get together today with some friends, and let me tell you that any excuse to have a pinata can make for a fine day! We had fun watching the kids take their swings, run and play, and devour sugary treats. . .soon-to-be-grandparents heaven! Bonus!-the party was down the road aways, so there was also car knitting on the Squall Socks, the September edition in the Sock Club!
And, speaking of the Sock Club, here's my latest review!
If you are looking for a sure-thing sock-knitting experience, try Harris Tweed Socks! I knit these in Knit Picks Stroll (grass), on 2.25mm needles, 64sts. The pattern is a variation of a 2x2 rib, and it's a real no-brainer. . .this is a great pattern for a man's or woman's sock, and it will also "play nice" with those self-striping yarns! I did these in the solid, but you can see how lovely the straight lines would work with most any yarn!
These socks are a must-do for a beginning sock-knitter! Just enough pattern to keep it interesting and supply you with a little "instant knitting gratification," while being simple enough to master while you are learning basic sock construction! Win-Win!
Now, I have a loaf of bread in the oven for tomorrow's breakfast, so I am gonna sign off before it over-browns itself. I hope that your Autumn is filled with splendor when it arrives at your destination, and that it is filled with the sights, smells and sounds of all the best things fall has to offer!
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Yay for makes shaving your legs much leass necessary.....

  2. i am just starting school today cant wait but boring