Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watch this!

So, Saturday's post was all about technology (new phone/computer) vs. nature (yummy blackberries, ripe and sweet, right off the bush!). It seems that I had successfully abandoned discussions of technology for a few days, but now I am right back to it. Because today, I remember that my watch, my $10 watch from Wally-World that I bought several years ago, is no longer with us. . . She was a pretty watch, a good watch, and she kept good time, all the time, right up until last week, when she just up and died, with nearly no warning. This made Pretty Knitty sad. Pretty Knitty likes to wear a watch. . .I mean, I know that there's a clock on my phone, and on my computer, and on the car radio, and on the tv, and on the wall in every room of my home, and on the walls of many of the places I go. . .so much technology, and so many clock-opportunities. . .still, I really missed my watch. So I bought another one. I should have checked, before I left the store, to be sure that it was running. It wasn't. And this morning, I took that watch back to Wally-World for a refund, and I did not buy another one. I wasn't going to buy anything. I was still sad.

Why I then ventured into the store, I don't remember, but I thought to my Pretty Knitty self, "Self. . .we have gone into the store without buying things before, and I am sure that we can do it again. Just watch me!" Long story short = fail! So here is what I bought:
2 14oz. cones of Peaches & Cream cotton yarn (on sale for $5 each!!!), and some Bernat Baby Boucle for all the baby knitting I anticipate for my future. . .time marches on, and people sure do keep having babies! lol
Speaking of babies, I have found a new, knitted baby toy pattern, and I have already made two! It's called Baby's Best Friend, and I did make some mods to the pattern (knit blanket portion corner to corner on one, and changed the ears to be more bear shaped on the other), but overall, I love it! They are quick to make, machine washable and soft (in acrylics and blends), and totally portable for mother and baby! Win, win, win! Oh, and totally cute!
So, the moral to the story is, I suppose, that I can no longer go into a store and leave said store without making a purchase. Oh, well! At least I got yarn, and we all know that I can always use more yarn! Right?!? As a matter of fact, do you remember what I am currently knitting with some cotton/linen yarn?
That's right! It's a Harumi Cardigan for me! I keep thinking that it will be finished in time that I can start wearing it this summer, but I have no evidence that would back up that assumption, so we'll see. . .but, I am on the lace portion, and it is turning out beautiful! (Says the knitter who, just last night, realized that she had totally messed up two of the lace sections 2 rows back. But, trooper that she is, she did not rip back. . .nooooo! Since the first lace section and the two arm sections were correct, she surely would NOT rip back the whole two rows! So, she knit through the lace, and the arm stitches, then tinked back two rows and re-knit/re-knit/knit 3 rows. . .12-stitches-at-a-time. . .then knit the other arm, and repeated the tink/re-knit process for remaining lace section. . .2 hours later, Pretty Knitty has completed 1 row, and she goes to bed. . .again, what a trooper!)
Wow! Just writing about that last row made me tired all over again! So, I am gonna call this blog post done, and get on to the rest of my Pretty Knitty day. Just watch me!
Knit in Good Health!


  1. Bummer about the watch.. I rarely one anymore..cause I have my phone with me most of the time. I used to never be without one!

    2nd Baby's Best Friend is as adorable as the did Wally's have any more of that $5 cotton? Somehow I managed not to wander over to the yarny area when I was there Monday!

  2. Girlfriend, you went into the dread confines of Wally World and came out with JUST ONE BAG? I would not call that 'fail'! I'd call that 'mega-achievement'!

  3. Srry I remember you wearing when i was at my grandmas house and we came over to play rocket balloons