Saturday, July 3, 2010

*Almost* Grandparents

This is Tootsie. . .
Tootsie is our granddog. . .and she came to visit this week, with her dad (Army Boy). . .
. . .and her mom (Wifey-Poo). . .
. . .and her sister (Sophie). Actually, they are sisters from another misters, as both were adopted into the family, Sophie a couple years ago and Tootsie just a few weeks ago! Aren't they cute, while they listen to Daddy?
"Now, girls, we are at Gramma and Grampa's house, and everyone is going to behave. Can you be good girls?"
"We can! We can! Can we go for a walk?"
You know that Gramma and Grampa love to go for walks! This was more of a run for the girls, with their short little legs! And what's that? What is Grampa carrying?
"I told you I'd get you a stick for the front yard, and here's a good stick! Isn't this a good stick? You can chase it and chew it up! Aaarrrrgh!"
"You want a story? This is Gramma's Blog. . .you will probably be in it. . .(sigh!)"
And here they are! All tuckered out from a busy day of travel, and visiting, and walking. . .
. . .and running, and pooping in new places, and chasing and chewing sticks!
It's a dogs life, I tell ya!
But today, the girls are visiting with more grand-puppy-parents, and friends in new yards with the mom and the dad. Today, the big bed in the little room looks like this.
Grampa and I have filled our time with shopping, and lunching, and talking and making food for tomorrow's picnic. There was even some knitting! The Harumi Cardigan gets longer every time I take a photo. . .
. . .and the Dawning of the Age shawl is finished. Of course, the only empty bed for the next few days is inflatable, so the shawl will not be blocked for awhile! That, however, did not keep me from taking pictures!
Oooohhhhhhhh! Beadssssssss!

Now that the day is nearly done, I am off to do a little late-night knitting on the cardigan. I'd like to wear it in the office this summer. . .I think I might could make that happen. . .

Happy 4th of July to my blog family! Oh, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Sounds like a busy & fun time!!

  2. Your granddoggies are adorable! (I have one granddog and two grandkitties.) I'm really loving that Aquarius colorway in your shawl. I'm wanting to cast on a shawl soooooo much, but have so many projects going that I need to wait a little while. Phooey.