Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ah-Well they're Movin' on In. . .

. . .to-ooo the west side (of Cleveland, that is!). . .I know, it's just not the same as the theme from the vintage TV sitcom I was thinking about all day! Whenever I see someone moving, or help someone move (like the Hubs and I did today), I think of the opening verse to the Jeffersons. The memory of our eight years in the Navy, which included living in three states and 4 homes, reminds me that there is no life event quite like moving to a new home. . .especially when you are crossing state lines, and bringing a bunch of stuff (and people. . .and perhaps pets!) with you!

Today was the day that the new Family Life Minister at our church, and his family, officially moved in to the house next door. Several of us from church were there when the yellow, Penske truck pulled up, accompanied by a mini-van, a truck and another car, and we were ready to work! Good thing, too, because we spent a good chunk of the afternoon moving things off the truck. . .

. . .and into the house. . .

. . .where Family Guy. . .
. . .and Family Gal (aka - Keeper of the Toys!) instructed everyone on the specific placement of the boxes and the furniture and the kitchen gadgets and the TOYS (they have two small children) and all the other pieces of their currently uprooted home.

It was a long, but fun, day! I hope that Family Guy and Gal have a chance to spend some time in this room tonight, before they drop into that comatose sleep they deserve after after all their hard work and coordinated efforts to bring together friends, new and old, for the transition!

I hope they sleep well tonight. With all that fresh air and activity, I know the Hubs and I will!

But first, for me at least, there will surely be some knitting! After all, I cast on for the body of my Summer's End Cardigan last night. . .and I have knit about 10 rows already! The only bad thing about this cardi is that I am knitting it in wool (Cascade 220 that I dyed myself, thankyouverymuch), and it is July. Now, I live in Ohio, so summers are not as hot or as long as in some other places. . .BUT, it's still too hot on most summer days for a wool cardigan. The flip-side is that this should be done for the fall, and the color is so cheerful, that I am eager to have it lift my spirits in the dreariest of days in autumn and winter!
Of course, I am also started on my August socks, called Wickerware! See the pretty pattern that looks like a basket? The yarn is a self-striping, patterning yarn, but the stripes are working up nicely with the texture, and I like it! Yay!, since these are probably for me! haha! Of course, I always say that, then I give socks away. . .I love to knit socks!
And finally, more of the Babies' Best Friend pattern! I have some Herschnerr's Ultra Fleece yarn in my stash, and it is working up sooooooooo sooooofffffffft! I can't wait to finish a couple of these for some baby gifts! Everyone keeps having the babies - Yay!
So, that's what my today was. Knitting, and moving, and really having a good time with friends. Oh, and corn hole with the kids. . .then ice cream! What could make this day any better?
I suppose that a contest winner would say that that could make the day better. . .BUT, the contest is open until midnight! Sooooo, there is still time to enter (all the details are at THIS BLOG POST)!!! If you have not already entered, get on it!
Oh, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Looks like a long but fun day!

    Also, I now know where the knit nite is, but not what time it starts. I won't be able to come this Thursday will be in NYC, but next for sure!

  2. Sure dose look like a lt of WORK

  3. Busy day! Love the color in the new Cardi!!