Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graphic-Rich Wildlife!

The computers I work on are often moving just a little slower than I would like and I am a Pretty Impatient Knitty! But, I often tell my family and co-workers, "It's a graphic-rich site. . .just be patient!"

And so I ask you today, my Pretty Knitty readers, to please be patient with my graphic-rich post. . .I will try to make it better by using fewer words, but I don't think that will make it load any faster. . .lol!

On Sunday, a friend visiting from Japan brought me some very yummy treats, and I wanted to thank her (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!), and show them off!:
All the way home from church (where I was "gifted"), Sweetie and I tried to figure out what flavor candies were in the green bag! All of the writing was in Japanese! Mint? Green Apple? Nope. Green-tea! The Hubster and I both tried them, and we have also shared with some friends. . .I have never tasted anything quite like them!
And in the wrapper, was a box. . .
And in the box, a beautiful tin!:
And in the tin (which had some french on it, but Sweetie and I don't speak french), were these cookies. . .!:
Light, buttery, crisp, and filled with a delectable white-chocolate cream! drooooool
They are so good! (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU again!) Of course, Sweetie and I just vowed to watch what we eat. . .ugh! But I must say that, with every cookie individually wrapped, it is more difficult to eat these en masse than it is with Oreos! Perhaps I should buy everything individually wrapped! lol
Or, I could just busy my hands with the knitting, making it less convenient to snack! Then I might finish my June socks on time, too - bonus!
In the land of Castin' on Again, I finished the details of the green sweater
with CHICKENS! OMGosh! Maybe too cute for even me!
And then the blue sweater jumped out of the stash, begging to be knit NOW for College Girl's co-worker's kid. . .it is a little bigger than the green one!
Here it is, all buttoned up. . .
. . .and with the collar turned down. . .I enjoyed the knitting, adding in it's own special details. Every Pretty Knitty sweater gets some special details!
But, where's the wildlife, Pretty Knitty?!? You promised wildlife!
That's right, I did! Remember the baby geese. . .how cute they were? Well, much like their human counterparts, adolescent geese are far less cute. . .and a little gangly. . .
. . .and they always seem to be eating! What's up with that?
I really don't know, it must be a growth spurt! So there is the wildlife I promised, and before I sign off, here is one gratuitous shot of Pretty Knitty "in the wild!" (and wearing her Aurucania Tee!)
Knit in Good Health!


  1. Love the tee and the socks! The house makes me homesick for old back East architecture; I need a trip back to where it's a real green everywhere.

  2. Great treats! Geese, ugh, give me a swan any day.

  3. Baby birds of any sort are always cute in an awkward way! :D

  4. Pam you should play with kyle and the little ones if your that active LOL