Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign. . .

Odd title for a post, I will admit, but signs have been on my mind today. . .I have pondered and pondered at my pondering pond, while wearing a shawl that reminds me to breathe, which is important for my general well-being, because sometimes I forget. . .and despite all the wandering run-on-sentence-ing my brain was doing there, this is what I have come up with: Signs are important!
Literal and figurative signs are important. Without literal signs, how would you know where to get gas for the car or the discount cookies for your cookie jar. . .you know, like at the WM store? I love the WM Store, and FYI, up until a few days ago, WM stood for Wal-Mart in my head. Yesssss, I know about that yarn. . .but I had never gotten my hands on it before, and it just had not "clicked" for me yet. That is, until Thursday. . .when Dawn brought with her the haul of WM that she had scored at the last update! There were two skeins in particular that I had my eye on, and my shopping-challenged self knew that it had but one chance at one of those! The teals are the very same ones that Michelle and I both lust after! In the end, this is the skein of WollMeise that I brought home with me! Yay!
One be-a-u-ti-ful skein, 520yds, of Aquamarine. . .soft and fragrant, as only WM yarn can be. With subtle variegation, visible only in the right light while in the skein. . .I may make another shawl. . .or a pair of lovely socks. . .or. . .or. . .the possibilities are endless! Dawn, you are a Wollmeise maven, and I love you for it! And now, this is my favorite, literal, WM sign:
Literal signs are good. They tell you where to find the good yarn, and on Saturday, they lead Mr. Pretty Knitty and I to the POPCPRN!:
Not so literal, the movie trivia (which we usually miss while we are in the popcorn line) is a sure sign that the movie will start soon! Do you know this answer?:
I have to admit that I did not automatically know that this thought originally came from Donkey (Eddie Murphy) in the first Shrek movie, but the answer made sense when the lady next to me said it in her a-little-too-loud-for-the-movie-theater voice! There's always one!

Speaking of "one," do you know what this is a sign of?
Yep! A single sock, top-down, past the heel and gusset decreases is a sign that there may be a second sock in the future for this one, my third attempt in the Monk yarn from the May sock kit! LOL I am really looking forward to finishing this pair! I feel like I have been working on it since early April! Oh. . .wait. . .I have! LOL!

And do you know what this is a sign of?
If you guessed that it's a sign that Mr. Pretty Knitty is ready to go for another long walk in the park, and he was ready to walk before Mrs. Pretty Knitty was ready, you win the prize! Well, except that there is no prize. . .it was just a walk. A nice walk. A long walk. A walk with two sizable hills and over 6 miles of trail. I guess the exercise was our prize. . .?

No! Wait! It was a busy day today, nay, a busy week even! For ending a flurry of activity with some good, old-fashioned exercise, I think we deserve a treat! Don't you, Mr. Pretty Knitty? Here's a sure sign of a blizzard in our town, even in the spring and summer!:
I hope that you find the signs when you need them, and that too many signs don't get you down. Above all, look for the signs that it's time to knit (or craft, or do what you like to do) every day. Oooooh! My feet hurt! Perhaps it's a sign. . .?

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Who'd ever have believed that I'd be drooling more over aquamarine yarn than a Blizzard? *ROTF*

  2. ...and for blizzards of the ice cream type...

  3. Blizzards of the ice cream type are the best! But even they can be less admired than the WM yarn.