Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yarn and Flowers. . .

It should be "Hearts and Flowers?" Not when you're a knitter! Since my job went full time in 2010, I have been wondering how to get everything done!

Solution?: take a day off of work! lol! And this is how my day started. . .sunny new tulips, smiling just for me!
Just as pretty as the daffodils I showed you last week! I love springtime! And, since it was a day off, we cannot forget the knitting! Below are the current objects of my knitting affections:
From left to right, they are In the Mood for Monk socks, Traveling to Vienna shawl, and the Bagstopper for Me that I forgot to show you on Saturday (sorry!!!). I am actually going to bring it to knitting tomorrow night! Yay!

But, I did not actually get much knitting done today (so far!). Today was a field trip with Michelle and Jess! We started out at Smith's, a local yarn shop that doubles as a furniture and flooring store - I know, it sounds weird, but I promise you there are "YARNS" inside!
To prove it, check out my haul! More than I usually spend, but the wool was 25% off, and the cotton was Araucania. . .the yarn that sings to me! So, I ended up with 6 skeins of Cascade 220 in a natural color that I plan to dye in reds and oranges and pinks and maybe yellow, and maybe I will do that later today! The other yarn is Araucania Ulmo Multy, in color 718. They wound the yarn for me at the shop, and although all the dye lot numbers match, the 4 balls of yarn seem to each have their own dominant color. I am sure I will have to alternate balls when this yarn decides to let me know what it wants to be knit into!
We left Smith's and visited a bead store, where Michelle bought 7 lovely kitty beads. . .I know she will have a photo in her blog at some point! And after that, we went in search of lunch and a potty. No, this is not a potty-mouth blog. . .but we did need a potty after all that shopping! We saw coffee shops, a Mexican place, a bakery, and several others.
And Michelle kept telling us how good Lorenzo's Pizza is. . .Jess and I had never been, so off we went! I had a Mediterranean Pizza (personal, lunch size; thick, pan crust; olives, eggplant, spinach and feta cheese. . .to die for!) and a salad with the house dressing - Yummmm! Soooo good! I will have to get the Hubster in there sometime!
After the pizza, we decided to "walk it off" a bit. . .well, we also all wanted to head over to the Ben Franklin's! It was a good day for a walk, starting out warm and sunny. . .in the 70s when we got to "town!" After lunch, it was definitely a little cooler, and the sun had decided on a nap.
We walked over to the Ben Franklin's (see Jess, you are still in there, but without your "conjunction"!). It was fun there, so many things inside, from toiletries to new and used books to yarn and fabric!
Oh! And half-off Easter candy! Don't tell the Hubster, but I could not resist some Peeps, a Cadbury Orange Egg and a Reese's Peanut Butter egg! Oh yeah, and some dishcloth cotton, that I actually think will become a baby sweater! lol
Yeah, the candy should effectively cancel out the walk.

Meh, I don't think I care today!

And as we walked back to the car, we noticed that the temps were still dropping, and it was looking like rain. . .which it did. Just a little sprinkle, not enough to ruin a field trip, and perfect timing. . .waiting until we were all covered up in the car! Yay! Then, when I got home, I noticed the tulips again. . .all closed up now because they know that we are headed for a cold snap over the next few days. . .smart flowers, and beautiful too! Just like Pretty Knitty and her friends!
Thankful for a great day. I hope that you have fun friends to go on "field trips" with, and I hope that you will all enjoy the spring!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Sounds like a Fabulous day!!!!!!! Love your yarn..

  2. Hey I recognize those feet! LOL Whoo I think I beat you with my blog post! Shocking I know! What a fun day with fun friends!!

  3. Thanks for your wonderful photo cropping Pam! LOL. Had a great time and will be the last one to blog about our fun times.