Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Song. . .

So, on my birthday. . .

I heard a new song for the first time, and it went something like this: Click here, but it doesn't mention my birthday, so it may not be totally accurate. It does, however, mention many of the spoils of spring tradition. . .too funny! Thanks, Jenifra!

And after a wonderful birthday, with cake from College Girl and flowers sent by Army Boy and Wifey-Poo, I was totally exhausted! Almost did no knitting on Friday! Yikes!

To make up for that, I did quite a bit today! Yes, that is why I am posting at 10:30pm! Soooo late for Pretty Knitty, but here's the rundown of the day for anyone who is interested:

First, some charity blankets on the knitting machine. . .three "blanks" that still need hand finishing took me about an hour to create this morning, maybe a little over an hour with the stripes. (Don't worry about that orange, it's just my waste yarn between the blankets! You can stop holding your breath now. . .)

The weather was so nice that the Hubster and I hopped in the car for a trip to our favorite outlet shops, where the train was running, the daffydills were in full bloom, and most of the people had short pants on! It was a totally beautiful day!

After shopping, we had a wonderful lunch at an Amish restaurant, and we tried to stay awake in the car on the drive home! Since it was a fairly long drive, I worked on my new wrist-warmers: Porphyria is the pattern, Palette is the yarn, and Pretty is the knitter! Here's my project page.
Once we got home, there were Easter preparations to be made, most of which will actually happen tomorrow. For tonight, the sweet, egg bread dough was made and the crescent rolls baked. . .as they are for every holiday at Pretty Knitty's house. . .yum!
And College Girl and Boy Friend wanted to play a game, so we pulled out Cranium. . .they have the red mohawk and we are the sensible baseball cap. . .and I will tell you this: 23 years of marriage makes for some pretty outstanding communication, and we really cleaned up at this game! It was fun, would have been fun even if we had not won (twice!), and I expect that CG and BF will do better the next time! lol So glad they wanted to play!

And now I am tired. Off to bed with me. . .big day at church tomorrow. . .hope that you all have a Happy Easter!

Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday! I so want to see your knitting machine in action!!