Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Win! You Win! You Win!

Turtle! You Win! Isn't that too funnier than the dog with the hat? (Seriously, I was posting you as the winner while you were leaving that comment. . .too, too funny!) Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who played!

Turtle, who commented on Happy Anniversary Pretty. . ., she won! Yay! Turtle has several blogs, so I have linked you to her profile, and I am off in a minute to dash her an email spreading the joyful news of her good fortune!

For the rest of you, here's another bit of randomness:

I guess it's good that they both don't want to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out! Haha! But why, do you suppose, does the little cat always curl up to the big cat's butt? And why, do you suppose, is Pretty Knitty so obsessed with cat-butt lately? sigh!, and lol! Wait! I have Knitting Knews, too!

Remember that I started my That-a-Way Mitts? Well, I finished them, and have been wearing them this week! (Yes, apparently I am a super, speed-knitter!) lol And I started another market bag, which will undoubtedly appear in the Saturday blog!
Congratulations, Turtle! And. . .say it with me. . .

Knit in Good Health!


  1. You are a very speedy knitter!!! Are you going to start believing us now?

  2. Those gloves look great! (i so love fingerless gloves, easier to drive with!)

    Yay!! Thank you so much! I peeked at your etsy and looked at the styles and i have to say i finally get it! I mean i get how you use them and how they work! (finally!) I chose the utensils as I picked up a lampwork bead at a craft fair once which was a bowl of soup with a fly on it. (joke of there's a fly in my soup) and this will be a cute knit companion to it! Thank you thank you! (insert happy dance here)

    Your dog also cracked me up as i could just imagine the patient, she's crazy but i humor her, look on the dogs face under the hat.

  3. gollly woman, I need some of your knitting mojo!