Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearin' O'the Green?

Yes, it is March 17th. Yes, that means it is St. Patrick's Day. Yes, people wear green on St. Patrick's Day. No, I did not remember to wear green today. . .oops! I thought about it two days ago, but I did not even consider it this morning.

It didn't even really dawn on me that I might think about wearing green today until I was noticing this beautiful sunrise on my way to work this morning, and listening to the DJ talk about the parade!
"There's a parade?," I thought. . ."I wonder what for?" Seriously. Then I changed the station and figured it out when another DJ, on another station, started to talk about green beer. . .sometimes I live (quite contentedly) under a rock!

Even though I completely forgot about the "Wearin' O'the Green," I have not forgotten about the Knittin' O'the Green! Here are my
March through February socks in progress. . .just turned the heel on sock 2 a day or two ago! Yay!:

Not finished by St. Patty's Day, but then, I probably wouldn't have remembered to wear them anyway, so I guess it's no big loss. . .lol!

Something I did finish yesterday was my Salsa Sweater!

I am hoping to get some better pics with it after blocking, and in better light, and actually ON. . .that picture is just to prove that I did finish the seemingly endless knitting of fingering yarn! I mean, I loved the knitting, and because I finished the "skirt" in the round, there were not seams to sew at the end. . .but the down side to that is that EVERY ROW WAS 301 STS. . .for like 135 rows! UGH! But it's done. . .I thi-i-ink. . .

Do you remember that I thought about adding lace to the cuffs, lace to match the "skirt"? You don't? Well, then, I didn't! Yeah. . .that's the ticket. . . (I may go back later to add cuffs, but I am sooooo done with the sweater for now! lol)

And now, for some random, well, RANDOMNESS. . .

Why is the cat on the table? Does anyone know why the cat's favorite place in the whole house is on the Dining Room Table? Does anyone know how I can make it stop? sigh!

And why is the cat under the rug? Does anyone know why the cat's other favorite place in the whole house is under the rug at the bottom of the stairs? Does anyone know how I can make it stop? double sigh!

I guess one good thing about the cat being under the rug is that if I trip over her just once more, and I sprain my ankle, I might just be forced to stay off my feet for awhile, and then I would have more knitting time. . .just sayin'.

Watch where you walk this week, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Love that gorgeous sweater! Love the socks! I love seeing other people's knitting--it helps keep my own going, no matter what the project is.

  2. The sweater looks great! I'm even more impressed that you designed it yourself. I'm lucky if I can follow a pattern correctly.

    Not sure about the cat-under-the-rug problem, but for on the table, you might try a SSScat! ( It's basically a can of compressed air with motion sensor on it. When the cat jumps up on the table, it "hisses" at said cat. I got mine at PetSmart and it does keep the cats off the counter, as long as it's turned on. The downside is I usually forget it's on, and it ends up scary the bejeebers out of me, too. :)

  3. Love the Salsa sweater.. The socks look like something I'd love to knit!

    Your purdy Cat is so funny... Our cats liked to sit in places we did not want them to.. I think it is a cat thing!

    Happy Knitting!

  4. My cats are always on the table, the ocunter...anywhere you don't want them to be! That's just what cats do! It's their job you know!

  5. The cat is on the table because she has a great view out the window there. Put a cat-house (you know, those carpet covered cat dens) or a little table in front of the window. With her own placemat to sit on. I bet she'll relocate.