Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Saturday! Yay?

This is what it looked like outside most of this past week, while I was inside this building at my work-a-day job. . .nothin' but blue skies and sunshine and temps way above normal, near the 70s (F) even on Thursday and Friday!:
When I woke up this morning, not having to work today, this is what it looked like. . .drizzle and dark clouds and around 40 degrees (F), no sun in sight. . .for the whole day! lol:
Do Rainy Days and Mondays always get you down? Not me, usually. . .and here is why:

You know that College Girl is home on Spring Break, and today is the first day of the whole week that we have all mostly been home together! Yay!

The other reason is, of course, that rainy mornings are good for watching classic movies and knitting on sweaters. . .no new photos of Salsa, sorry!. . .but the lace is coming along. . .slowly. . .and it was fun to work while watching Dorothy's adventure!:
And rainy afternoons are a good time to cast on all 100 needles of the knitting machine to knit up a super-quick, carry-along blanket for a new baby boy! Just a simple stockinette in gray, with a finished-by-hand, narrow, seed-stitch border in blue and the baby's initial duplicate stitched in a corner. 3 hours, start to finish, and most of that was the hand-knitting!:
Hmmmm, rainy afternoons are also good for practicing spinning! I got these new, resin spindles from Dragoncraft's Etsy shop! I am afraid that I have not really done them justice in this photograph, but they are all kinds of gorgeous! I have even spun a little fiber on the pink one! Happy, happy! Joy, joy!
So, what was the weather like in your neighborhood today? Whatever it was, I sure hope that it didn't get you down! I hope that you got some knitting done, and that you got to spend a little time relaxing and unwinding. . .

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Rainy days are meant for some fun and relaxation!
    Nice job Pam!

  2. Sounds like a fun can't stand to hang out at home, and so what happened..I got a new car (or SUV I should say) gulp! (I may be as bad about getting new cars as your hubby)

    Can't wait to see your spindles in real life!