Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Day, Sunshine. . .!

Aaarrrggghhhh! What is it?!?
It hurts my eyes!. . .I see spots!. . .Where did it come from?!?

Oh. . .I see. The sun, you say? Well, I suppose I will just settle down then.

Hey, Sun! Feels like "long-time-no-see". . .are you here to stay awhile, or are you just teasing us with the promise of Spring? Because, it's been a pretty long winter. . .I mean the weather guy said that February was the second snowiest February since they started keeping records. . .I believe it, too! The Hubs spent so much time moving so much snow. . .ouch!
Oh, how we have missed you, Sunshine! I hope you won't be a stranger. Come back anytime! There's only one kinda person I can think of that might not want to see more of you. . .
Of course, this guy was built, then buried the last time the snow machine kicked into gear, and he told me just the other day that he has had about enough as well. . .just sayin'.

I look forward to knitting in the sun again someday. . .it's still a bit too cold here, but there has been indoor knitting at least. No pictures of this, but I did manage to finish sleeve 2 on the Salsa Sweater, and I am into sleeve 3 (was sleeve 1 before a horrible, disfiguring accident and frogging became necessary to morph this piece back into a recognizable Salsa Sleeve. . .sigh!). I have just stopped knitting in the round, dividing the stitches to work the decreases to shape the sleeve cap. My next spicy decision with this sweater is whether to work the lace edging on the sleeves before sewing them into the sweater or not. . .I suppose I will have to decide exactly what kind of lace edging I want to use before I knit it, so perhaps the decision will be driven by the shape of the sweater? We shall see, and I am pretty sure I will have some photos of that for you on Saucy Saturday.

I DO have a picture of my March through February, Harris Tweed socks in Knit Picks Stroll (Grass)! I am loving these socks. They go quick. . .actually, I did the whole toe, and about 16 rows of that second cuff, yesterday while waiting for some car repairs, and I love that these are also a mindless knit! I love the texture of the stitch. . .I think it would make a lovely sweater for College Girl. . .I wonder if she would agree?
Well, that's about all for today. I am nearing the 1-year bloggiversary mark, and I hope to commemorate that in some way. Stay tuned!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Yes I too wondered what that blinding object in the sky was today.

    Love the socks...and I think it would make a cool sweater for college girl..

  2. If College Girl doesn't agree, you could make one for me! :) - Connieb125/connieqltr