Saturday, February 13, 2010

De-de-de de-deee-de, dedede, De-de-de de-deee-deeeeee...

So goes the fanfare to the Winter Olympics! And they are off! (as of 9pm last night, EST, when the torch was lit)

And so are the Ravelympics, but I could not wait for the games. . .silly impatient knitter am I! But here's a look at how I warmed up anyway:
Gray Leg-Warmers for College Girl were finished last weekend, and mailed off on Monday. When she received the box, the warmers were donned, and a photographer commissioned to document the occasion, with the picture being sent to the knitter! The message was a resounding she loves them, and they are the perfect color!

To which the knitter replies, "Yaaayyyyyyy!," commissioning her own photographer to send the photo to College Girl.
Then off to the wannabe Ravelympic project for Ravelry, but the impatient knitter could not wait, and she cast on the Salsa Sweater on Wednesday. . .
It's a design in progress, and she is not even sure what it will eventually look like, but it is started, and the knitter is excited about the progress so far!

And the Edwardian Boat Socks are also finished. . .with more snow photos on the DIY blockers that the knitter fashioned for use on for wash day:
Whew! I ain't got no time for no stinking Ravelympic project! Wait! I do. . .at some point, before the closing ceremonies, I have vowed to learn to spin. Yeah, like I need another hobby, I know, but I at least wanna give it a try.

That's all for today folks! I hope that you are enjoying the Olympics (and the Ravelympics, if you are playing), and I hope that you will all Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Phew busy knitter!!!!! YOur sweater will be ultra cool..I'm sure!