Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010...a pretty good year so far...

I have the pictures to prove it!

First, my mom turned 70 on her last birthday (a few days ago), and today there was a small gathering at my cousin's house to get some family together and celebrate! There was cake, and there were candles (but not 70 candles, whew!). I asked mom if she glued her teeth in before the big "blow," and that must have made her nervous, because she missed one:

But, aside from the one missed candle, it was a pretty good day! Nut-butter balls and Grandpa Joe's cookies, birthday cake and meatballs, relish trays and cheese dip, and family I have not seen in quite some time. And my kids, my mom's favorite grandchildren, were both able to attend as well...I really couldn't ask for more!

In New Year Knitting Knews, I am almost done with the Hubster's finger and a thumb to go, and I should be able to finish those tonight in front of the tube! I don't know exactly why, but getting past the "bad word finger" always feels like a major milestone when I knit gloves. lol
Other than that, I will move back onto the legwarmers for College Girl when the gloves are done, then an afghan for a wedding on Jan 23, and I know of a couple January birthdays...not sure if I will be able to crank stuff out for those...but I may still try...and I may not. Oh, and I want to do a pair of mittens for match my scarf with my one skein of Christmas yarn! So, maybe it's just unfortunate for those with January birthdays, perhaps there will be another occasion for which I can knit for them...sigh!

So, Happy New Year! Knit in good health!

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  1. LOVE the picture of your mom getting ready to blow out the candles...too cute!