Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pretty Knitty Christmas Cheer!

So, it has been a fun week at Pretty Knitty's house! College Girl has been hanging out here (and with her boyfriend, which is to be expected, I suppose), and we have enjoyed laughing and playing with her.

Army Boy and Wifey Poo and Puggle Face all made it in safely on Sunday afternoon. There is food and candy and goodies all over the house, and all kinds of presents under the is good!

My little friends (and their great parents) came over to have dinner and decorate a gingerbread house on Saturday night, and it turned out pretty great...have a look:
And we opened presents a little many places to go and people to just seemed like the right time! We all got stuff we asked for and wanted, and I am anxious to use my new fondue pot...but I have pitifully few photos...oh, well!

I have some pictures that I hope to share this Saturday, if I can get to the editing before then. I remember when Christmas was just going to Grandma's house and playing with new's hard to believe how busy it becomes when I am nearing the "grandma phase" of my life! Yikes!

I hope that you all can find the holiday joy amidst the holiday junk we all have to deal with. And I hope that your holiday projects are all done...I have one more to cast on, which I will as soon as I sign off. So....

Knit in Good Health!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Everything!

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  1. Merry Christmas!!! Looks like fun at your place...

    Still castigng on? OK i cast on for a cowl for my aunt yesterday too...(though it doens't need to be done till the 2nd..