Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Peanut Butter Cups and Presents!

That's what I have been up to since I last wrote on the Blog! Peanut butter filled treats, and Peanut Butter flavored melts made into nutty treats are the latest float in the parade...but gingerbread will follow later this week! I should even have pictures of completed houses on Saturday! Yay!
For now, here's one from last year:

Not too shabby, eh? I love making gingerbread houses, but it is quite the process! I am glad that the College Girl is coming home on Friday, and that she is eager to work teh houses with me! If all goes well, I will bake tonight, and construction will take place on friday afternoon/evening!

As an extra treat, some of my "little friends" will be coming over on Saturday to decorate their own house that they will then take home with them to celebrate! Yay! What could be better than little kids, bowls of candy and Christmas?!?

And - BONUS! I did all the wrapping yesterday, so there are now presents under the tree! Squeeeee! I don't know just why, but it really isn't a finished tree until there are presents under it...I was up late, but so glad I stayed up!

There is some last minute knitting that I have realized theat I need to do...I knew THAT would happen. ;-) And none of it is too taxing, but it won't appear here until I get to gift the stuff... I am so excited to give so many gifts that I have made this year! I hope they are well-received.

And, speaking of well-received is a picture of the yarn my Secret Santa gave me last Saturday:

I mean, I knew I liked it as soon as I saw it, but I didn't realize that it nearly MATCHES the yarn I made my moebius cowl out of! I see mittens or gloves that match the scarfie for the first time in like ever! Can't wait to start them after Christmas - Yay! Thanks again, Jessica. . .you are a most amazing Secret Santa! (And, I can't wait to use my notecards, too!)

Knit in Good Health, and Happy Holidays, Everyone!


  1. YUMMMMYYYYY your blog is making me hungry!

    What fun Sat. will be!

  2. Nice house - just an odd question, and please don't be offended if I just can't see the photo clearly, but is that celery holding the sides together? Which, thinking about it, would probably work a lot better than trying to mortar the thing together with royal icing.