Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not feelin' it

Oh, I look at the Calendar, and I know it's close. I mean, I know it's December something-or-another (aaargh!), and I know that Christmas is coming, and I know that I will have people in my house at some point, but I cannot seem to get myself into the spirit...the holly, jolly of it all. There are a number of factors impeding my progress on this front, I suppose, but I think the biggest of the factors is this: a half-unboxed, half-unfluffed, half-unsteady tree. It has been sitting in our living room like this since Tuesday, when I first thought about taking it out of the attic.

You see, the stand has never been quite right with this tree, and it has mocked me every year by allowing the tree to wobble slightly from side to side, and from front to back, from the day I put the thing up until the day it goes back into the box. A few times during the season, I would have to lie on the floor, on my belly, and lift the tree totally out of the stand to "re- seat" and straighten it, or risk getting a sore neck from holding my head funny to convince myself the tree was stable and straight. This year, I enlisted the help of my loving husband...who fixed the problem in about 5 seconds by inserting a piece into the bottom of the stand that I have never been able to figure was a snug fit, and I am shy about snugly fitting pieces, a little fearful of breakage I guess. But he shoved that piece into the bottom of the tree stand, and now the half-tree stands quite's an amazing thing really. Yay for my Hunny Bunny!

That is to say, of course, Yay for my big, strong, hunk of Manliness! ;-)

So, now that my half-tree is steady, I thought it a good time to go back into the attic to retrieve lights, ornaments, and other decorations, neatly tucked into these boxes...seems like a good idea, no? I agree, yet still, there they sit, next to the sofa. I will not have time to do it tonight (babysitting gig - yay!) or tomorrow (church and a bunch of other obligations for the day, including another babysitting gig - yay!), so I am really not sure when I will be motivated to make the equation work.

Right now:
Tree + Boxes = Mess
Hopefully at some point,
Tree + Boxes will = Holly Jollyness

Despite being challenged in the decorations department, though, my big, strong hunk of Manliness and I did go to the candy store. B A Sweeties Candy Company is the candy store where we buy all the bits for the gingerbread houses, and since we had a 10% off coupon today, we also got the chocolate for the Christmas candy. So, I guess there is a little holiday spirit down in my heart today, after all. I am looking forward to the gingerbread and candy making.

In Knitting Knews, I have started two new projects, both gifts. I think my Dec. 26th post may have many, many more pictures than anyone will want to see! lol Until then, I hope that you are all getting your holly jollies from the season, and that you will continue to knit in good health clean through to 2010 and beyond!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. I am still not too far ahead of you..I'm hoping to decorate some tomorrow!

    WE missed you today!

  2. Perhaps some Christmas music and a nice pot of soup will get you in the mood. Or maybe convincing dear daughter to come help? I went down to help my mom decorate today and we had a wonderful afternoon together (of course, all my decorations are still in my closet. Oh well.)