Saturday, November 21, 2009

It IS a Wonderful Life!

Tonight I saw a high school production of It's a Wonderful Life, and I liked it! ;-) You see, I know George Bailey personally, and he is a really neat guy! Great job players (and all the unsung heroes of the AVL and backstage world)! Gets me right in the mood to dive into the Christmas season and watch all the Christmas specials my daughter got me on DVD last year! Yay! And the music...I have already started in on the music...oh!, the music is my favorite part! And the baking...DD and I (she is home until after turkey-day) mixed up some cookie dough this afternoon...yum! Just can't wait for next Thursday, and all that follows...sigh!

And to get myself even more in the mood, I have finished the stockings, except for the planned fabric lining which I cut out this evening before the show. Here's a photo:
I hope to sew the linings and put them in tomorrow! Again, sigh!
And one more sigh for the late-night blogging - again...sigh! Busy, busy days...but so easy to fall asleep at night...sigh! By the way, now is probably a good time to say that I may skip my mid-week blog post...the day before is always bread- and pie-baking day (no matter how small the crowd)! Then again, if I am sitting around waiting for dough to rise or custard to set up, I may pop in...if not, look for me next Saturday for sure!

I hope that your Thanksgiving is grand (for those of us in the US), and that the whole holiday season finds you and your family well and content.

Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Cute cute cute stockings! I may show up Wed. for some of your famous rolls...yum! (Just kidding)

    Is your tree up? I went to order mine from Costco and now it's gone! sold out I guess!