Wednesday, October 28, 2009

THURSDAY? Really????

So, Happy Halloween, Everybody! I would tell you that on Saturday, when it is actually Halloween, but it seems that I would be a little late for my home town if I see, the city I live in has decided that, since Halloween falls on a Saturday...which might make it convenient even for families to trick-or-treat without the rush of get-home-eat-dinner-get-costumes-on-go!...well...isn't it logical, then, to have Trick-or-Treat ON THURSDAY????

I mean, if Halloween falls on a Friday, and there is a home-town football game, well I could see that logic...although the kids that are affected by High School Football games are probably too old anyway, but they might be going with younger brothers and/or sisters...ok. But it falls ON SATURDAY this year! That means that even the folks worried about kids out after dark could be appeased by daytime trick-or-treats...that means that even if the event was scheduled for 6-7:30 (as it is every year that I have lived here), presumably there would be a greater percentage of parents who do not have to work, and perhaps the holiday tradition could be less rushed and more enjoyed...that means that those of us who are passing out candy would not have to feel rushed to get home from work and get the evening chores done before we could settle in to “oooh and ahhh!” and “That’s a great costume!” over the kids we know in the neighborhood.

I mean, I like Halloween...and I like trick-or-treat, even when it's rushed...and our kids went out for candy long after they were probably too old...and I have nothing against the tradition...but THURSDAY? Really???

OK - rant over. sorry. thanks for listening.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled blog...

In Knitting Knews, I finished one-and-a-half projects, and started two. The "a-half" project is pictured to the right, 3 of 5 stockings are finished. Well, technically, that one in the middle still needs some afterthought embroidery, but other than that....ummm, and the lining I plan to put in the stockings...these three are finished!

Originally I had only planned to do 3 of them, but now I am pretty sure I have to do at least two more...but the last two will be smaller and less complex, I think...and they may be I may not be able to even post blog photos until after they are gifted. All-in-all, I am having a blast working on them, and I am even eager to sew the linings and get them completely together!

In other Knitting Knews, I also finished the Candy Cane Socks (more pix at my Ravelry Project Page) in Plymouth Happy Feet, color 4:
I started a pair of Thuja socks (but done in fingering weight, Plymouth Happy Feet, color 18): And I cast on the Holly Cardigan, designed by my friend Cheri or c2knits (Tamaty Tweed in Forrest, worsted, cotton):
Zoe Kitty likes it already!

Whew! I am tired now! I don't know if it was the rant or all the knitting, but I am gonna sign off! Knit in Good Health, people!


  1. AHH yes well you know my rant of a thurs night trick or they want to torture the teachers Friday?!?!? Really it makes absolutely no sense esp. since the 31st is Sat!!! Ugh! Silly.GRR...

    Anywhoo all your projects are great! The 3 stockings are adorable as are your Christmas socks! And you decided to go with the thuja I see!!

  2. The only reason why I know why we have it on Thursday (even though I am another one who thinks its the dumbest thing on the planet) is that the local bars get priority over the police rather than the little trick or treaters. I think that it is more dangerous to have trick or treat on another night because in my neighborhood we get the car loads of kids getting dropped off and picked up, I have seen several kids nearly get hit in my neck of the woods.

    Yay! for all the finished projects!~

  3. Why exactly are cities in charge of scheduling trick or treat? And aren't you going to end up with kids coming by on Saturday too?

    This was not done this way when I was kid -- we went out on Halloween, no matter the day of the week -- and we liked it. (In our balmy 70 degree weather of South Florida -- when you didn't know if you'd be comfortable OR sweat.)