Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's in the Bag!

So you know that I made a laptop bag for my daughter to take to college. And you know that I was working on a second bag for her little friend. But you are just finding out that I just finished the second bag today! Yay! I still don't have a button, and the college girl #2 is in charge of picking that out, but the knitting and the sewing are all done. . .again, YAY!!! Here are a couple pics:

And the inside (I used a matching stripe for the pockets that does not have the floral "overlay" print to give a little contrast):

Man, this is a fun bag to knit! And the sewing was fun, too! It has been a while since I have sewn, and I had nearly forgotten how much fun it is to pick fabric and create something with it. . .and my college girl liked her bag so much that she has even asked me to make a "matching" purse for her. . .just that center cable sequence, so a little smaller and more square-ish, and a different color. Will be starting on that this week, I suppose. Again, yay!

As I was finishing the bags, I got to thinking about what the girls might stuff in their pockets. ID for meal plans and entrance to dorms, a key, a couple bucks, phone, iPod. . .you know, just the basics. So I decided to make little ID holder bags with wrist straps that can be stuffed in a bigger bag, or slipped over the wrist to carry just the barest of essentials. It was about this same time that my Dear Daughter came into the room and asked where she could get a little wallet or pouch that she could use to just hold her ID while on campus. I am really gonna miss this kid when she leaves for school! We are so on the same wavelength! I told her my idea, and she ate it up. . .and she loves the finished product!

One to go with each bag. . .each ID Holder has three credt-card-sized pockets (for college ID, Driver's License, and perhaps a credit/ATM card) on the front and a larger pocket that loosely closes with hook and loop tape (will fit a phone or a couple bucks and a chap stick), and a bonus pocket to slip the wrist strap into (when not needed) or put extra slips of paper and/or receipts into.

And a close up (. . .it's almost a shame that the fabric blends together so well. . .it's hard to see the detail clearly. . .lol)
So, it was a good weekend. Sorry for the "late" blog post - I tried for Saturday, but there was a wedding and the laundry, and a wedding. . .then today was church and sewing and knitting and chatting with friends. A good weekend indeed. Now, to get a good night's sleep, then on to another week of the same old grind that I love! I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

Knit in good health!

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  1. Man you are fast!!! All your bags came out great!I'm almost done with the knitting of my bag! Yay! And I do have my sewing machine back now so I better get my but in gear!