Saturday, August 8, 2009

Daisy, Daisy! Give me your answer, do!

I have been busy in the etsy shop lately! Ever since I was an Etsy Shop of the Day feature in the Daily Chum, I have gotten a lot more traffic! Sales have picked up, too, including some custom orders. I'm selling the knitting row counters and the Crochet row counters. . .
So, I say it again. . .

Daisy, Daisy! Give me your answer do! I'm half crazy, because. . .

Aren't these the cutest Row Counters you have ever seen?

Playful Stripes: Watermelon:
Spring Garden Tee:
I know! I know! They are so cute! (Ahem, if I do say so, myself. . .) The daisies are a copy of a custom order I made. . .it was so cute that I had to list another as well! And the sweaters? Well, these are the first in my new "NeverNotKnitting Collection" at PrettyKnittyJewelry! I am excited to be working with Alana, and I encourage you to visit her blog and check out her very cool patterns AND her podcast! Knitting and broadcasting genius is she!

In other news, the Hubster and I have had a pretty great weekend so far. . .we babysat two darling girls on Friday night:
And on Saturday, we went to see the new movie Julie and Julia! Let me just tell you that it is a pretty great movie. I laughed, I cried. . .well, you get the picture! And it was kinda fun to watch the Julie character as she started her blog, and it started to gain popularity. . .I could identify with, "I have a comment!" lol Very cool stuff!

Along with the babysitting and the movie, I did a little knitting, and here it is. . .one College Cabled Purse, in cream colored Lion Brand Fisherman Wool for the College Girl to take to school. Haha!. . .wool for school!. . .haha! I just crack me up!
And then, if you scroll down just a bit, you will see what will be step 2 of this bag. . .you see, the college girl wants a gray bag, but her mom could not find yarn in the right shade of gray, sooooo
Acid Dyes to the rescue! Thanks to Michelle, for the loan of the Jet Black dye. . .I am sure it will only take a little bit to get the right shade. . .I can barely wait to finish up knitting the handle. . .if all goes according to plan, I will add color to this piece

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I'll dye ya tomorrow!
It's only a day away!

Well, as Bugs Bunny (or was it Elmer Fudd?) always said,
"Abedee, abedde, abedee! That's all folks!"

Knit in good health!

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  1. OH I'm so excited to see the bag after you dye it!!! What fun! I'm hoping to get my last skein of yarn for dyeing today too!!!