Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wood Whats?!?

So, the name of my current FO is not pretty. I have made three "Wood Hoods" for my husband, at his request. . .get your Mingus out of the gutter! ("Sorry!," to those of you who are not in the Cleveland Knits West group over on Ravelry! That is a bit of an inside joke!) But, I digress. . .Wood Hoods are GOLF CLUB COVERS! I got the free pattern here, and they are fun-furry on the top, and ribby down the club handle!

They are not dry yet, so I don’t have a pic on the clubs. . .but I should get one tomorrow, just before said husband takes them out to the greens for his Monday league! They are pretty cool, and they went super quick in worsted yarns!

My other FO for this week is another baby sweater! I don’t know which baby will get this one. . .all those pregnant women at church. . .I am more than sure it will find a home! This is the same sweater from my previous post, and the yarn is really soft and sproingy all knit up. I love this sweater! And, even despite the previously-mentioned splittiness, I will buy this yarn to work with again!

Now, before you think that I am some kinda mad-knitter with all these FOs lately, remember that I only bite off small chunks. . .and usually only one or two at a time. So it’s not that I am fast, just focused. And sometimes bored. And occasionally in a pickle about what to knit on next, looking for the plan! For now, baby sweaters and hats, here I come! Oh, and perhaps a sweater for Pretty Knitty?

So, what’s next? Well, I sell those knitting row counters over at my Etsy shop, and I have been thinking about making up some crochet row counters also. I have come up with an initial design. . .but there are still some bugs to work out. I may put up my first crochet counter this week, but then I thought I might get it up there over the weekend, and well, you know, life sometimes gets in the way! My life stuff this week was a wedding yesterday (beautiful daughter of a friend of mine – beautiful wedding) and teaching Sunday school today, then working in the church Nursery with the babies also! Busy weekend, but I will sleep good tonight! I hope that you will as well.

Knit in good health!


  1. He he he you said "minugs" those head covers are hilarious! Very fun!

    And everyone don't believe her when she says she's not a fast knitter!(yes she is focused but fast1) She is-speedy quick I say!!