Saturday, June 6, 2009

In Memory of the Years Gone By. . .

. . .so started the Alma Mater for my High School. I know all the words and the tune. I was in the band. I could probably play it on a trumpet, or sing it a capella, and I could probably record and upload an audio file for you, but that might be labeled “cruel and unusual.” Suffice it to say that I remember when I was a High School Graduate.

Now, my youngest is a High School Graduate. I don’t know if she knows the words to her Alma Mater (different school than the one I graduated from), but the administration was kind enough to print them for her on the back of the Commencement program they gave her with that all-important diploma. Yes, I am sure she (and all her classmates) will save those. NOT!

And today we had her Graduation Party. Now, I am not a party goer or a party thrower, generally speaking. Oh, some have said that it’s a party when Pretty Knitty is there, but planning for parties really kinda stresses me out. I knit, and I make jewelry for my knitting, but I do not have a lot of experience planning for parties, and the last Grad Party (two years ago, for our oldest) just about did me in!

But this time, I waited until just a few days ago to shop, and the Graduate, her Dad and I rolled meat for the deli tray, cut up fruit and veggies, and made a killer pasta salad last night and this morning. Then, this afternoon, I had a great time at the party! No worries, just the fun of sitting (and standing) and visiting with friends and family while we congratulated the Graduate! Maybe it’s because I finished two good-sized knitting projects this week, but I just really enjoyed myself! I think the Graduate and her Dad did too! Yay!

Speaking of Knitting, here are the two projects:
Lacy Ribbed Top (modeled by Pretty Knitty herself – thanks for the photo, Michelle!)

And the Cleveland Knits West May KAL Sock (Mad Color Weave)

Oh, and before I forget, please join me in congratulating the “Apparently-So-Happy-She-Could-Dance” Graduate!

Knit in good health!


  1. Glad all went wel yesterday!!! Your sweater did come out great and so did your socks. Send congrats on to your graduate! And hey I met someone who goes to your church and knows you last night!

  2. My congratulations and best wishes to your darling daughter! And also to you, who helped to get her there:)
    Great projects, too! Let the summer begin!!!