Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't count your chickens. . .

. . .but, by all means, DO count your rows. . .and your stitches. . .we wouldn’t want anyone getting lost or anything. . .!!!

Well, this will be another short post. I love to write, but even on my days off, there just are not enough hours in the day to do it all! Oh, well. I did get a big something accomplished today! A new item in my Etsy Shop!

. . .drum roll. . .please. . .

Crochet Row Counters! With matching row markers for marking sets of 10 rows! In two styles!

I have been talking to the crocheters on Ravelry, and designing, and playing with jewelry findings, and I came up with a set for sturdy yarns, and a different style for more delicate yarns! So, what do you think? Leave me a comment! Better yet, check out the shop, and tell your crocheting friends! See you in the funny papers!

Knit in good health!


  1. Those are indeed very cool!!! You are a creative genius I tell you! Almost makes me wish crocheted more than just dishclothes!