Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank you for being a friend. . .

“And I geek on the computer.
Where I found Ravelry.
And I love Ravelry.
Where I found a local group of knitters to meet-up with.”

I don’t just love to geek on the computer and Internet, I am pretty good at it. I can sit at my desk for hours, typing and laughing and finding my next project. . .it’s like I am made for it! At many other activities (ball-playing, bike-riding, little-league-watching, walking) there is at least some chance that I will hurt myself. Like, remember in high school, where they make you take freshman gym for a semester. . .well, you know that kid who always got hit in the face with the kick-ball after someone yelled, “Catch it! It’s coming right to you!”? Yeah, the one with glasses, who also fell to the gym floor and had to be sent to the office afterwards for masking tape to fix her glasses? Yeah, that was me. I faked my period no matter what the season was. . .oh, except for ping-pong.

I once sprained a finger playing ping-pong.

But I can sit here at my keyboard for hours, and the only thing that happens is my eyes glaze over a little. I have found my endurance sport!

So, I am on the Internet at home, and I am on the Internet at work, and I am even on the Internet in the car and out on the town with my new, fancy phone! I am in computer-geek Nirvana.

If you are reading this, and you like yarn and knitting or crocheting, you may already know about Ravelry. If you don’t know about it, click on that link back there and check it out! Not only can you catalog your projects, and yarn and tools for yarn-crafts, you can catalog other yarnies! Yeah! I know. . .pretty freakin’ cool, eh! I’ve met lots of great people on Ravelry. . .here are some of them now:

And if you are reading this, and you are one of them, (cue music)
Thank you for being a friend
Traveled round the yarn and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal, my fellow knitter
And if I threw a party, invited everyone I knew
I would see, the mostest yarn would be for me
Wool in red, green, yellow and blue. . .

Thanks, Friends, for your support and kind words which landed me my first etsy sale on Thursday! Yippee!


  1. OK Pam you are too funny!!! We seriously have to get a picture of me with my eyes open!!! LOL

    Any Yay for the first etsy sale!!!

  2. And we thank you for being a friend, too!

    (I totally posted under Jenny's name before. Ooops.)