Thursday, March 26, 2009

"So, I knit"

Thus began the first post of my blog. I guess it adequately sums up how I got sucked into blogging and Facebook and Ravelry and everything else I do, with technology and otherwise

I learned to crochet as a wee one, my grandma taught me. I made blankets, purses, Barbie clothes, baby doll clothes and beds, hats, even a hideous orange-and-white sweater that I actually wore to school a few times. Hideous may be too mild a word, but I loved it. I do not, however, have a photo.

Awwwwwww. . .

I do have photos of some of my better crochet:

Somewhere along the line, I decided I'd like to learn knitting, and my hubby's grandma said she'd teach me. I learned to knit and to purl, but not how to cast on properly. I guess I was doing some form of the backwards-loop cast-on. I hated the feel of the knitting, I hated the curled up edges that I didn't understand, and I hated the uneven fabric that I could not control. I put down my needles.

A few years later, after all of our Grammies were gone, I decided that I was losing touch with who women used to be. I wanted to make things with my hands, and I wanted to do it well, but the thing I wanted to make the most was. . .socks. Socks? Why socks? Dunno, but that's what I wanted to knit. It was 2005, and I wanted to knit socks.

I went online and found a tutorial (Socks 101, which has disappeared into I-don't-know-where, sadly), then I got my hands on some yarn and double pointed needles. I just dove in with reckless abandon, and at the other side I found that I had learned to knit socks! To date, I am sure that I have knit somewhere between 100-200 pairs of socks. I have given many socks away, and I have kept more than my fair share. Above all else, I have accomplished my goal!

Yay Me!

No, dear. We are not "so bad off" that I "need to make" my own socks. Quite the opposite, here look at the price of this yar. . .nevermind.

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  1. You are too funny.. Don't you just love it when people think that you knit socks to "save money" silly muggles!!!