Saturday, March 17, 2018

Green Socks, Barbie Frocks...

Last week, while the cats were hacking into my blogger account, I was knitting green socks (which I finished in time for St. Patty's Day today! Yay!), and taking a lovely trip with Sweetie. 

We were on the way to Nashville, but we never made! Along the way, we found ourselves tempted by a cave in Kentucky, and bourbon. We saw the sights in Mammoth Cave, which is not a great place for cell-phone selphies, but we took them just the same. Fat Man's Misery, Tall Man's Agony, and 2 miles of limestone paths, narrated by Darren of National Park Rangers fame (lol!), was a pretty good time, even though there were a LOT of steps to climb at the end!

We also toured the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, and there was a tasting. I generally am not a whisky drinker, but how do you turn down the chance to taste some pricey bourbon when it comes with the price of admission? As it turns out, I have expensive tastes...and if I were going to become a bourbon/whiskey drinker, I would need to start a savings plan! Still, it was a fun time, and I learned something new about something very old, which was super fun!

We also worshipped with a mega-church on Sunday, and Southeast Christian Church in Louisville is pretty amazing. Shout out to this church, with a mega auditorium, that still managed to make these two strangers feel at home. It was very cool, and I'd love to go back again someday, but 6 hours is a little too far to drive for weekly attendance...

Once we got back home, a day early, we decided to play the home version of The Tourist Game! We visited the Rock Hall downtown, and had a great time. I fan-girled all over the guitars, and some of the shows were spectacular. Again with the learning, I was all over it! As a bonus, the "muzak" there is the best I have ever heard in a museum setting, hands! Long Live Rock!

To top off a week that started strong with a little vacation time, my granddaughter texted me on her birthday, "Hi gramma can you please knit me more Barbie doll clothes love [Peanut]." This means that I now must stop blogging and get back to the Barbie skirts and t-shirts, in purple, pink, red and yellow, that she has requested. I love being a gramma and also a knitter! And I love those littles!!!

Today will be less about the green (although I am wearing green, right down to the socks I finished just yesterday) 

and more about the knitting! Perhaps Barbie would like something green, too? I dunno, it is not on the list, but we shall see what comes off the needles!

What are your plans for the day? Will you eat green eggs and ham? Will you enjoy a green beverage or set leprechaun traps? Whatever your plans are, thanks for stopping by for a moment to admire my green socks. Knit in Good Health!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Pet the cat!

Dear Blog Readers,

You know how sometimes she blogs, and sometimes we blog? Well, we have decided that we don't like it. If she wants a blog, then she should blog, instead of just knitting all the time. Or cleaning. Or working. Or whatever else she does.

Except feeding us. She should keep feeding us. It would be a tragedy if we could see the bottom of our bowl. Oh, and petting the cat takes precedence over everything, naturally!

The cleaning is the worst. Every week, she undoes all of our hard work! You know, like when we mark our territory with hairballs? She cleans those up! And, and, and, we do our best to make the couch as comfortable and fur-covered as possible, as it should be in any good home..and she brings out the noisy, suck machine, then fluffs the cushions! We protest!!!

Oh, and if she is going to continue to knit with both hands, refusing to pet us every minute of every day, then we will take these hostage until she repents and changes her ways!

Yeah. She better look out. And she should probably change her blogger password. It was super easy for us to decode! 

In closing, we'd like to thank all the cats for stopping by. And we would like to remind all the humans to put down the knitting and Pet the Cat in Good Health!

Sincerely (or not so sincerely, with cats you just can't tell),
The Cats

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Babies, Bunnies and Buttons

I have tried to write this post three times, and deleted it twice. What this tells me is that I am not really ready to say what I want to say. Sometimes when that happens, it is better to just post some baby knitting, so here you go:

As some of my friends of child-bearing age are starting to wait until birth to learn the gender of their newest additions, this forces my knitting creativity. Here is an idea I've used before, but I do not believe I blogged it all the way through.

I know, I know. It is a baby hat. Not that impressive, but here is what makes this one special: See the bow? It is removable! It buttons on (or off, and the cute bunny stays), and I will package it with this poem:

I know there's a bow,
Even though you don't know
If Baby's a "he" or a "she."
You can keep the bow,
Or un-button it so
The hat can be both, you see!

Put together with a sweater and a pair of booties, in gender neutral colors, and voilĂ ! Baby gift for boy or girl!

Bonus: if you add some cute little bunny buttons, gah! The cuuuute! The cute will do you in!

So, I suppose that is what I blog today. Babies and bunny buttons. After all, as I say from time to time, this IS a knitting blog!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Full of Words!

I am full of words. I love to speak them, I love to hear them, I love to read them, and I love to write them! I also am a fan of spelling and grammar, though I generally keep that to myself on social media, where I die a little every time someone uses the wrong your or there. I just want to bury my face in yarn and hide from the world when that happens. 

But I digress... 

I blog because I love words, and I think it is important to leave something behind. One day, maybe sooner than I think (because you just really never know), I will not be around. I will be in a better place, to be sure, so I am not sad about that. But a vain part of me thinks that perhaps my children and grandchildren might want to know more about what made me tick, and why I knit so much. 

In truth, my words are a lot like my knitting. Everything is woven together with a common thread, and the blog is full of my stories and yarns. Each year, I print a hard copy of the blog, and I tuck it on a shelf. When I am feeling nostalgic, sometimes I'll pull a volume down (I have been blogging since 2007!) rather than searching the online blog...if I am looking for a recipe...or I want to remember exactly when that big event happened...or I just want to look at my own words and photos on the page, in black and white (and stunning technicolor!).

It is interesting to me that the yarn and the knitting and my life are all so intertwined. The things I knit are often in response to events in my life, or the lives of people around me, and sometimes my knitting brings to me great revelations about my life. Whether I am working on a simple and sturdy hat, a delicate lace shawl or an intricately cabled coffee sleeve, there is usually a parallel somewhere. Even this morning, while I was reading my bible, I came across Psalm 139...the one that says (among other things) that I am God's masterpiece, knitted and woven together by Him in my mother's womb! God put all my delicate parts together and he knows me, from the beginning, inside and out...and he gave me all the words! 

And I think a cabled coffee sleeve is impressive!

So, if God did that (knit me together, on purpose, infinitely more complicated than any cabled pattern, and gave me this love of words), is it really vanity that says my words are important to someone? I think not. Rather, God gave me something to say, and he knows if there is someone who needs to hear it, whether friend, family member, or complete stranger. As much as I love words, I do not know who will read what I put here, if they will like what I have to say, or whether anyone will really care to keep those books on the shelf when I am gone. Vanity says, "They will treasure your words, Pretty!" But reality reminds me to write for me, even if no one else ever stops by.

But today YOU stopped by, and I am so glad that you did, because I have a message for you: God knit you together, too! And He has also given you something to say! You may express your message in another way...I know not everyone loves words or wants to blog...but the important part is that you do express it. If you are not sure what your message or purpose is, look around, see what God has to show you through his Word, through nature, through the people around you, and take time to decide who you are and what you love most. When you do, I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Yes...and No...

Apparently I was really inspired by that Excessive Contents class I took last week, because today has been all about throwing things away again! I did not toss everything, tho...I kept some photos I found, from the early 2000s...

Here I will apologize to Mork, Dollface and Sweetie. Also to myself. This was not a stellar hair day for! There were amateur photos as well, many from Christmas 2001, I think.

To top it all off, some materials from camp. Remember camp? I spent a week at camp every summer for nearly 10 years, I think. These were some of the craziest, funniest and most rewarding weeks of my life. I always felt a little like a superhero when I got home. Well, a superhero in need of a nap!

Kept photos and camp workbooks aside, I did say NO! to a lot of junk this morning, and throughout the week, and now this side of the basement looks like this:

I was going to reward myself with a cookie. But instead, I celebrated with a little crochet and #catonlap time with the midwives of Poplar...and a cookie! It was a very rewarding morning!

Cleaning out junk, from the house and from my heart, has made this week more exhausting than most. Still, it is good. God is good, all the time, and I am good today. I am not perfect, and I no longer aspire to be (on most days). Instead, I am working hard to recognize that there are limits to what I should expect of myself. There are limits to how much I can or should do, feel and say. These limits are as real as the walls in my house, the ones that limit how much junk I can reasonably store in my basement!

As I prioritize my life and my belongings, I am reminded of the advice to let your yes  be yes, and your no be no (Matthew 5:37). While not a direct application of the verse, in the same way that I decide what to keep and what to toss in the basement, there is a definite yes or no for each thought and emotion that I encounter...or there should be. If I do not regularly make decisions about what thoughts and emotions to keep and toss, my clogged head and heart will limit my ability to make a choice about anything. Today is a good day because today my yes is yes, and my no is no, on all levels.

I wish every day were like today. However, I am often frustrated that this yes/no lesson is one I must learn over and over again. Every time I think I have it mastered, another example pops up and smacks me right in the face. I suppose that is because I am not perfect, and never can be, this side of heaven. I have to continually remind myself to let my yes be yes, and let my no be no, at every step along the way.

Yes and no. It really is as simple as that, but it is a journey. Care to join me? We can bring our knitting and call it an adventure!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!