Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oh where, oh where can she be?

We were just sitting there in the window, like we do on any average Saturday morning...

when we heard the door open.

We looked, 

and we looked, 

but we never saw her again. 

White cat is despondent, depressed, disturbed...

She let me put a dishcloth on her head, and she didn't even move. 

I may only have memories of her left leg, which I love so dearly...

At least she left us her slippers.

Of course...her slippers won't feed us...can you help a kitty out?

Oh where, oh where has Pretty Knitty gone? 
Oh where, oh where can she be? (meow!)
With her knitting, her needles, and all of that yarn,
Oh where, oh where can she beeeeeee?!? (meowwww!)

Black Cat (who will surely starve to death)

*Pretty Knitty is off to Wool-a-palooza today, but don't let these cats fool you, she left them plenty of food AND a caretaker with opposable thumbs who will feed and water them when necessary. Please don't worry too much about the drama kitties...Pretty (and her lap, and her needles and yarn) will be back before sunset. Silly kitties!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Setting Myself Up...

Because I am going to a fiber event on Saturday, and because there will be knitting at that event, I'm setting myself up by starting a simple lace shawl to knit in beautiful Destination Yarn!

Of course, the danger here is that I am already to the part where I start the lace, so there is a real possibility that I could finish this before Saturday. I'm not even sure that's a real problem, I mean I have knitting that love so much that I can not that really a problem???


Yep. Nope. Not a problem! lol!

But, there is a problem if I don't have something to knit at off I go to figure out what I should cast on, if I happen to finish the shawl before Saturday! 

Ummmmm, I I go to get my work done...because it is 9:30am, and I am sitting at my work...because I am at work...rii-iiight. Off I go to get my work done...(and maybe to peek at Ravelry for just a teensy-weensy second...or two.) ;o)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health! 
(And make sure you have something to knit on at all of the summer fiber events!)

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Wow! Next week is Memorial Day weekend! You know what that means?!?

Wool-A-Palooza, Bay-beeeee!!!

As I look forward to a whole day of yarn and fiber and friends next Saturday, I thought I'd give you a look back at why I love this event so very much! For me, it started in first year...the year I went in with a plan. I had a list of things I wanted to knit, and the amount and kind of yarn I'd wanted for each, and I walked away with so. much. yarn!!! And a spindle! And some Eucalan soak! I even pilferred some yarn from somebody else's stash, after the festival was over, and it is possible that I have actually knit all of this yarn! lol!

I settled down a little bit in 2010...

Yeah, in my dreams! 2010 was the year that Calla Lily (now out of business, sadly) had a half-off sale just a couple miles down the road from the fairground festivities, and my plan was a little looser than the year before, leading to this stash enhancement...pretty impressive! Still, I have managed to knit much of this up into something...

Then came 2011, the year with NO plan at all. There were a lot of moments like this in 2011...

and this...

and there was still an impressive haul, and I've mostly knit up this stash. 

2012 was the first year that a baby came with us to Wool-a-palooza, and it was fun to see even the youngest member of CKW drooling on, literally!

More goofy photos, and photos of photos being taken!

and not quite as big a haul...but there was definitely yarn in my bag when I got home, and some fun jewelry, too! 

That white cotton there is supposed to be a light, summer-weight top...but it's not yet. I don't think I've spun that red fiber plan at all apparently leads to much stash!

In 2013, I went nuts buying fiber to spin...I bought like 2 pounds! It was a little crazy, but I don't seem to have a photo of it all together, so here's a picture of my friend Debbie, in front of some of the softest, prettiest fibers...I bought a purple one! 

There was more sock knitting in the sun, too. (I'm actually knitting a sock from 2011 yarn!)

Just before we went last year, I remembered that I had set a goal to take a lotta selfies, so I totally did! You can check THIS LINK if you want to see all of them, but for now, here's a photo of four fiber friends, basking in the funtimes... 

and the final stash, which has been largely untouched for the last 51 weeks...

Aren't those neon, light-up needles fun!?! One of my favorite finds last year! Finally, bringing this post full circle, here's Pretty at Pollywogs in 2014, wearing a sweater knit in 2013 from yarn bought in 2011 and jewelry from 2012's wool-a-palooza, carrying a bag knit from 2010 yarn, holding yarn that may not be knit until sometime in the next decade.

Boy, oh boy! I can barely wait until next Saturday! I'll bet you have lots of questions...

"What will you buy, Pretty? Yarn? Fiber? Jewelry? Livestock?"

Hahahahaha! Well, I probably will not buy any livestock...this year anyway! 

"Will you have a plan? Will you knit the new yarn? Or the old?"

Right now, my biggest decisions involve casting on a project to knit in the sun after the shopping next Saturday, and whether I will travel to Wooster with or without a plan...hmmmmm...I suppose I still have time to figure all of that out, right?!? Right! For now, I'm going to go knit some dishcloths...I'm up to 15! lol!

If you're a knitter, I hope to see you at the Great Lakes Fiber Show (aka WOOL-A-PALOOZA, bay-beeee!) next Saturday. If not there, then maybe I'll see you around Blog-land, where I'll update you on all the fun in '15 at Wool-a-palooza!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health! (Knit...and buy yarn...and fiber...and learn to spin...with the sunshine!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Layers of Knitting

Sometimes it takes a fresh eye...

to inspire the simple knits! This little cutie came over while his parents were moving into a new house. He walked into the "yarn room," and he said (eyes open wide in wonder), "Is this all YOURS???" It was a beautiful moment, and even though this guy isn't even a blood relation, he is clearly the smartest little boy I've met in a long time! He then said, matter of factly, "My favorite color is yellow."

Naturally, I immediately located a ball of yellow yarn, and we sat down with needles and yellow yarn. I asked if I should start his knitting for him, and he said, "Nooo. You needle YOUR yarn. I needle dis." A-do-ra-ble! So, I found something simple, a pile of cloths I have been working on for a few days, 

and we "needled" together instead of napping. Well, I may have napped a little...but I'm pretty sure he did not give in. lol!

Oh, to have the energy of a three-year-old...what I wouldn't give!!! Well, I probably wouldn't give up my yarn stash...or these new cloths!

I was tired at the end of our visit, but I sure had fun, and so did my little friend. What have you been doing for fun lately? Whatever it is, thanks for taking a break to stop by, and Knit in Good Health this week!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Throwback Saturday?

Up until this week, I had never done a throwback Thursday anywhere. Then, on Wednesday, I found some old photos, so I slapped up a photo of me and a couple of my cousins in 1983...

As I looked through some of the other photos of photos that I had hanging around the hard drive, I found this one...

It only seems appropriate to post an old family photo this close to Mother's Day. This one was taken at my grandparents' house, circa 1973. I'm the one with ponytails and straight bangs. :)

When I look at this photo, and I think about it, I had a pretty good childhood. I know that our family wasn't rich...but we weren't poor...and my sister and I were certainly loved! We still are, as a matter of fact. Even though Dad has been gone for over 20 years (yes, he died wayyyy too young, at 57), Mom is still around, and she still loves us well...very well. It's a pretty good feeling to know that you are loved beyond reason. 
My mom with Peanut, a couple summers!
Even though I'm all grown up, with grown up kids (and now grandkids, and kids-in-law!), I know that my mom still loves me beyond reason. Thanks, Mom!

If you can, call or see your mom this weekend. Unless she currently lives with you, I am sure that she misses you...and I'm pretty sure that she loves you beyond reason.* **

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow! 
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health...maybe knit with your mom for a bit!

*If your mom isn't around anymore, I'm sorry. I know that this is likely a painful weekend for you, but I hope that you will find time to linger over a treasured memory.

**If you feel, for whatever reason, that your mom doesn't love you beyond reason, I'm sorry. Try to remember that she is human, and all humans make mistakes. Do what you have to do to honor the sacrifices she made for you, and remember that you are human too.