Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hit me, Fude!

August is two-thirds over, I realized when I woke up this morning. I also realized that I have not started my Christmas knitting. I have not even started to plan my Christmas knitting. This is odd for me, and for many of the "I-have-to-have-a-plan" knitters I know! With handcrafts, you either start 6 moths early, or you stay up until the wee hours from Thanksgiving on, putting off sleep until January and begging Santa for more time on Christmas Eve at midnight! 

::What are you gonna do, Pretty?::

Well, that's a great question. I think I will go off script a bit, and forget about that revelation. There is a knit within my queue that I have longed to cast on for about 3 years. Last night, in front of the women's 4x1 on the Olympic track, I finally cast on that knit. (By the way, go United States Ladies! And go ME!) I am barely 3 rows into the knitting (the cast on was 2.5 bazillion stitches, by the way), but I am already loving the feel of this alpaca/silk blend!

The yarn is a discontinued* Knit Picks lace, called Shimmer, and the color is Happy fun is that? I know, pretty fun!!! I have had 2 skeins of this yarn in my stash for about forever...well, about 9 years anyway, and it sings to me! I've known for some time that I wanted it to become this Hitofude (pronounced 'hit-oh-foo-day') lace cardigan, but two skeins was not way, no how! Well, after suggesting that a friend look for more yarn via the good folks at Ravelry, I kicked myself in the pants and did just that. Bonus, I got a really quick response from the first person I messaged, and my yarn is ON ITS WAY HERE - Yayyyyyy! I love Ravelry!!! I will have plenty of yarn for this knit, and I will do a Happy Dance in my new sweater when it is finished! I wonder when that will be?

Have you started to think about your holiday knitting? Have you started your holiday knitting? Or will you, like me, be begging Santa for more time on December 24th? lol!

Whatever your plans may be, thanks for stopping by today, and Knit in Good Health!

*Shimmer colorways have been discontinued for years, but if you are the dyeing kind (or you like off-white a lot), you can still get the base yarn in natural over at Knit Picks

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I'm not pregnant...honest!

Lately I've been knitting booties. It's just become a thing. I promise that I am not "on the nest!"

But there are a few women who are expecting in my world lately, and there is so much joy in new life! After knitting booties for the twins a couple months ago, I decided that I loved that pattern so much that I would knit some more! So far, I've knit 5 pair, and already given two of those are the remaining 3:

I started with two, gender-neutral pair, in gray, like this...

and then I started to go through some sock leftovers, looking for the softest and best yarns for booties! I'm starting with neutrals, waiting to hear the gender of a couple of the cuties I will meet in the next few months. I think the rainbow booties (in KP Felici) are neutral, but Sweetie doesn't agree. =/ Informal survey: What do you guys think? Neutral or girl only? 

There is also some secret's always a secret when knitting gifts! Wanna know my secret? 

Hmmm, will she tell? Or won't she? I think she will...

I LOVE SECRET KNITTING!!! lol! Not that secret, I know, but I do. ;o)

That's all the secrets I can share today, but I've got to get back to the knitting! The weather people are all promising a washout...that means perfect knitting weather! Whatever your weather, I hope that you are doing something you enjoy today, too. 

Thanks for stopping by, and knit in good health!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Quiet Weekend

The girls left our house on Tuesday, and they left town to go home on Wednesday, which means that Pop Pop the Great

Pop Pop the Adored

has once again been relegated to the mere status of Sweetie the Very Loved. (Yes, I love him. But I don't climb all over him when he comes downstairs for work every morning! lol!)

This is not a bad thing, but it is a little lonely and very quiet in our house since Wednesday...which means there has been more time for knitting! Since I have finished the Black-and-White, Black-and-White sweaters,

complete with bright buttons (buttons of my choosing, not hers...Sweet Pea just wanted to eat the buttons!) for the little one,

now I can focus on some mindless knitting for a couple of good causes! Booties for babies yet to be born were first up on my needles, and they are so cute that even Black Cat is protective of them. 

There are other things almost on my needles, too, and I'm still working through the depression stuff, but I am doing ok. I think (and some studies have confirmed my suspicions) that knitting has benefitted me, both mentally and emotionally. Knitting that is mindless gives my hands something to do while I think and pray. Knitting that I have to think about gives me a break from all the deep thinking, replacing big decisions with "Knit, knit, purl, purl, knit 2 together,  yarn over, purl, purl...," well, you get the picture. So I have plans for some lace, some socks, maybe a couple hats and some baby gifts for babies that have barely let their mommies even know that they are coming. 

My life is not perfect, but I am content. I am content to live and to knit and to get through it all with a smile and a bit of kindness for those around me who also experience the love, joy, strife and sorrow that define the human experience. We're all in this together, let's do our best to get along, and we will all get through it together! (If you'd like to learn to knit your way through, I'd be happy to teach you...the calming, centering properties of this hobby far outweigh the frustration of learning a new skill!) Are you with me?

Thanks for stopping by today, and Knit in Good Health!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

No Boundaries

In a world of baby gates and outlet covers, our granddaughters are learning the wonderful truth about grandparents this visit (and every visit, really!)

With grandparents, there are no boundaries.

Much to your parents' chagrin, grandparents will let you have donuts and pop tarts for breakfast, every day even...

Grandparents will put the pool and kiddie toys in the front yard, early in the morning...

Grandparents will take you on an impromptu visit to a horse farm, just because it was mentioned in an afternoon visit...

Grandparents will let you play with indoor toys outside...

Grandparents will drive an hour to Amish Country for lunch, stopping to let you see the ducks and feed them right out of your hand...before and after lunch!

And grandparents will think this is funny:

Yes, that is hilarious! Even when I was the one putting her to bed, and I had to put her back to bed 4 times last night, it was still funny! (As long as no one gets hurt, and she did not.)

"Who are you people???," Dollface and Mork have occasionally asked since these angels came into our lives. "You never let US do any of that stuff!"

As a bonus thought, and because this is a knitting blog, I will add that if your grandma knits, she may even make you a magical sweater with a kitty that is sometimes there...

...and sometimes not!

And you can pick out your own buttons!!!

By the way, there is a red ladybug, an orange heart, a blue flower, a pink circle and a chicken. Yep. A boundaries!

Well, I've got some baby-wranglin' to tend to, friends, now that she is uncontainable (in the pack'n play anyway) so I'll sign off here! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your Saturday's a good one!

Knit in Good Health!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

One Thing After Another!

Hello, Blogland! I have so many things to tell you, but the girls are in town, so my time is pretty limited... As a matter of fact, at this very minute, I am hiding in the basement to write, because typing is very, very difficult with two darling girls climbing over me, or begging me to play! It's been one (wonderful) thing after another for their visit! There has been doll-housing with Pop Pop,

Sliding on the slide,

Knitting (complete with OOPS!, she's a real knitter now!),

Board games with princesses,

Walks in the neighborhood,

Walks in the park, where we saw birds, 

And learned about birds, 

And walked on the funny gravel...

There were even rides on the toddler express!

Yesterday and today have been an absolute heat wave, here in Northeast Ohio, and this is how it went with the girls...

Sweet Pea: It's so hot!

Sweet Pea (sees her sister): Do you want to play?

Peanut: Well, I guess we can go for a ride, if you want...

Sweet Pea: Wait a minute...this is not what I thought you meant!

Sisters. It is what it is, isn't it? 

Yes, it is hot! The weathermen and women tell us that this is just the right time of the year for a heat wave, and I know that winter will always come back, so I am doing my best to not complain. After all, who can complain with such cuties about??? 

Stay cool, friends, and thanks for stopping by! Knit in Good Health (and hopefully with very few "OOPSes" of your own)