Saturday, May 27, 2017

Could you repeat that?

One of my favorite things about the kids' current visit has been watching the two-year old take hold of her words. She is learning how to talk, and some of her "sentences" were unintelligible (to Pop Pop and me, anyway) at the beginning of their visit. As we have spent time with her, it has become easier to hear what she is saying. It is so cute how every name currently has repeating syllables...she is DeeDee, her sister is LaLa (remember when Peanut called herself Lala?), one dog is ShoSho and the other is TooToo! I have become GiGi (with a "hard" G-sound), and there is also the ever-popular PopPop, not to mention the cats ZoZo and CoCo. Of course there are also MaMa and DaDa, but they are not super exciting when you are staying with PopPop and GiGi...and the cats!

In the photo below she has just said, "GiGi take cheese me!" Ironically, we had just come from a photo session which should yield new photos of the whole family for my blog page. During the session, this child who loves to "Cheese!" refused to smile or even look at the camera for much of the! I told Mama and Dada not to worry, because at this age the photos are more about personality than perfection, and everyone relaxed a little. I am sure that we got some great shots! Where she really wanted to shine was not in a grassy field or under a beautiful willow tree...she wanted to say "Cheese!" while sliding down the arm of the sofa! Silly Sweet Pea!

All in all, this visit has been more about getting in all the snuggles and playtime we can with these little ones. When they leave here, it will likely be several months before we will see them again. This makes GiGi sad, so we won't dwell on it. Instead, let's take a look at some of the fun we have had with them this week!
Feeding duckies and fishies!

Picnic at Great Grammy and Great Grandpa's house!

Taco Bell after photo session!
So. Much. Fun! The only thing that could come close to rivaling that fun is that Woolapalooza is TODAY!!! If you're planning to be in Wooster for the Great Lakes Fiber Show today, look for me! If you see me at Woolapalooza, ask me for a card, and you may be the winner of a secret prize!

Even if I do not see you, I hope that you are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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