Saturday, March 4, 2017

Magical is One Word

Magical. What does that one word make you think of? Very recently, this word took my mind to Disney World! This was a good thing, since Sweetie and I actually went to Disney World last week, in celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary! Magical is one word for Disney World, and it is a good one!

Another word for Disney is wait. A large amusement park (or group of parks) known around the world is going to bring lots of fun, and lots of waiting. This is a good reminder, whoever you are. The waiting started at the airport, 

and continued at the hotel, 

then on into the parks. We even waited to fill our water bottles, 

and then waited at this sign! (One of our faves, throughout the day!)

But the waiting is just part of the game. The waiting builds anticipation for the fun! After all, we were at Disney World for 4-and-a-half days! Since we stayed at a Disney resort, it was all-Disney, all the time, and that part was magical!

Another word for Disney is crowded. This is almost synonymous with the waiting, but it's a little different...the crowds are not all Disney all the time. The crowds are made up of moms and dads and kids, old and young, who are not getting enough sleep in their hotels. They are outside their normal routines, and grumpy often ensues. Everyone without a Disney uniform or character costume is just a little unsure of where they are, and how to get to where they want to be. It takes a little extra grace and patience to be a part of the crowds at Disney!

Yet another word for Disney is YUMMY! Boy oh boy, did we eat good on this trip! Here are just a few shots of the yummy, yummy-ness we experienced:

Words cannot even begin to capture the tastes and smells of Epcot and all the parks!

Finally, my last word for Disney is FUN! Despite the crowds and the waiting and being out of our own element, we had so much fun! I can prove it with all the selphies we took. See?

We are smiling in nearly every one!

Even though one of us finally had his fill of the photos,

It was a trip we will not soon forget!

Happy anniversary again, Sweetie! I love you!

Thanks for checking in to see how the trip went! If you are planning a trip anytime soon, I hope you find all you're looking for. I also hope that you and your crowd will not be grumpy and sleep deprived during your time in the parks. It really can be the most magical place on earth!

Until next time, knit in good health!

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