Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ask Me Anything!

Back in June, I mentioned that I was thankful, especially to a good friend who had given me a job. I also mentioned there that the job might be temporary, covering for a gal's maternity leave...and it will indeed be temporary. She will return to the office mid-September, and I am glad for her. A young family with a new baby girl and a solid job with a great boss...what a package!

What this means for Pretty is that I am hitting the pavement to find a new job, with my boss's help. Again, so thankful for Chuck...he is a State Farm agent, and since I have become licensed and have really started to understand the company software, he has reached out to a handful of other State Farm agents in the area with whom I have set up some interviews. As a matter of fact, between Tuesday and Thursday, I had 3 interviews...and I have one more scheduled this week! The interviews have gone well, and I have a good feeling about my future. 

Thank you, Chuck! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In the course of my first three interviews, I answered a lot of questions. A. Lot. of. Questions. But that got me thinking... Here I am, answering lots of questions about who I am to perfect strangers. I wonder if the folks I know have any questions about Pretty? Since I tend toward over-sharing, TMI and "Wow! We really didn't need to know that much about your underwear size, Pretty!" (which is, in essence, why I blog), I don't know if there are any questions left even. 

Have you ever had a question about Pretty? About her knitting? About anything? Leave me a comment, or shoot me an email (prettyknittyjewelry at yahoo dot com) and if I know the answer, I'll blog it! Heck! I'll probably blog it even if I don't have an answer, because 1. I love research, so I am likely to find an answer that I don't have floating in my brain already; and 2. I like to talk - a lot. I like to talk a lot! :)

If there are no questions, I'll just blog about knitting. 

Speaking of knitting, I'll bet the first question that comes to mind for most knitting-blog readers is this: "What are you knitting, Pretty?" So, here you are:

A thank you scarf for a boss/friend who has poured wisdom and knowledge into me, even though I an a "temporary" hire. He saw me floundering about between jobs and, realizing he could help, called me and offered me a place. He also offered encouragement, company training, and much grace as I have started to learn the insurance industry. I don't possess enough words to express my appreciation for all of that, so I simply could not NOT knit for this guy (and there was a second for his son, who also works in his dad's office and was a tremendous encouragement to me)!

There is also some secret knitting...but I can show you this photo:

That doesn't give too much away, right? Oh, you know what it does give away? It's not really is crochet! (Good eye, to those of you that caught that!!!) Sometime this fall, there will be more photos, and I'm sure there will be a fairly major reveal. Until then, I'll try to get some progress photos of a certain Hitofude to hold you over. 

So, there you have it. If you have a question, leave it below, or email me. If not, I will blog about knitting...and speaking of knitting (and crochet), I had better get back to it! Christmas is only 4 months away!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. What yarn did you use for the scarf? I really like it. The scarf is awesome.