Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturdays in the Spring

When one lives in northeast Ohio, one learns to celebrate the Spring season with a bit of reserve. For instance, the first day of Spring this year was March 20, and trust me, all Ohioans wanted to celebrate with a bonfire and a picnic, maybe a pickup game of corn hole in the back yard. However, and we all knew it was coming, this is what my front porch looked like last weekend, on April 9th:

Not so Spring-like, right? Well, except that this is pretty typical for the month of April in Ohio, and most of the natives have come to expect it... Still, it can be disappointing. But early Spring snow makes days like today, and the past few days, so much sweeter! Perfect Spring days, with sunshine and 60-something degrees (F, for my international friends) are great for walks at our favorite parks, where the geese are nesting and therefore very honk-y and boldly close to (or on) the walking path...

Hanging the laundry out while listening to the wind chimes, tinkling in light morning breezes...

Visiting with the neighbor cat, and stopping for an ear-scratch...or 537 ear scratches!

And finally photographing the new scarf/shawl I've been working on in bright sunlight... those shiny beads will really pop!

Oh, I love the Spring, even when it brings rain (or snow)! I love longer days, sunlight and the way it dances and plays on all the colors in nature, and in my knitting! Of all the seasons, I think I love Spring the best. Every April (or May), when the snow finally stops, I am once again reminded of all the promise springtime brings, with new life popping out of the ground and blooming, birds nesting and singing, and baby animals everywhere (even the skunks next door are cute in springtime)

What is your favorite season? If it's not Spring, I hope you'll enjoy it when it finally arrives! As for me, I plan to get outside and enjoy the sun, and maybe there will even be some knitting in the sun later! 

Thanks for stopping by on this lovely Spring day, and Knit in Good Health!

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