Saturday, April 9, 2016

Celebratory Squirrel!

When you start a new job with two weeks of training, and you know you have to pass that assessment with at least 80%, a celebratory squirrel in your inbox is a very good thing. Celebratory squirrels bring good tidings of great joy and passing test least, that's what this squirrel brought me! 

The training seemed long, but it was not particularly taxing. In fact there were some really fun times, and I made new friends. I also knit 8 preemie hats and a pair of socks,

as well as a couple of dishcloths, although I have no photo evidence of those. Silly knitter! At the end of my day yesterday, I went to my new workstation (where I will do my actual job) and set things up for Monday. I am excited to be finding my new normal, at least as far as work goes. I am also glad to still be knitting more baby hats! So much joy in such tiny, tiny knits!

Oh! I know what I forgot to tell you in the last week...I had a birthday! And my dear daughter Dollface is the best gift-giver, can I just brag on her a bit? Check out the cool tee that came for me in the mail this week (a little late, but the totally cool factor cancels out the slightly late factor in a very big way):

The tee says, "Knitting is cool. Funny Kat Sez So." Even the tags are funny. One says, "Cold wash only. Don't tumble dry. Don't iron print. Don't slap pandas.," and the other talks about how the shirt was made by "happy people in matching socks!" I gotta wonder if those socks are hand-knit...I'll bet they are! Giant shout-out to Dollface: Thank you! I love it!!!

So, this has been a good week, and today it has snowed. In April. Pretty normal for this neck of the woods, I suppose, but slightly disheartening..Every. Single. Year. Ugh. I wonder what I could do with all this time stuck indoors? 

Oh, right...I knit! Great idea! Knit, I will!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep warm, wherever you are! Oh, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. I love the celebratory squirrel! He looks so ecstatic. Yay for you!