Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Days 1, 2 and 3...Lucky Me!

It's been a busy week! I started my new job, training for 2 weeks in this building:

This is not my permanent "work home" at Hyland, but it is a good starting place, and there has even been knitting with yarn bought on vacation! :) (By the way, if you are in Naples, FL, stop by and see Nancy and her staff at Knitting With Nancy. Lovely shop, and lovely people!) 

The start of training at my new job is for absorbing a LOT of information and getting ready to get my hands into new software, to figure out my new place in the work world. 

So far, it is good. It is very good. I am certain I will be very happy here! 

Thanks for all the well wishes, and thanks for stopping by the blog today! Now, off I go to day 3 of training, and I hope that you will find contentment and happiness in your Wednesday!

Knit in Good Health!

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