Wednesday, December 16, 2015

*NEW* Ornaments on my Tree!

It's been all about the ornaments around the blog lately, so let's start with these:

Two new Olafs on my tree, made by 10 of the prettiest tootsies in the land! My granddaughters' feet were (of course) the models for these beauties, and Mommy tells me that Peanut painted hers all by herself...she did a fine job, don't you think? These are some of our Christmas gifts from them this year, and knowing that there were gifts to exchange, we took a quick trip to see the kids! Look how big they're getting...

This is Sweet Pea's first Christmas, and she loved the shiny paper and ribbon on her first gift. 

At age 5, Peanut knows what it's all about! She does not, however, know what checkers are all about. I tried to teach it turns out, apparently "dat's NOT da way you play, Gwamma!!!" Who am I to judge?

Besides present opening and gingerbread eating,

and getting as close as we can to the Christmas tree,

there was also playing outside! Pop Pop ordered a hamburger, fries and a coke...Peanut got right to work (after she told Pop Pop to "take a number, please!").

"Number 9, zero, zero! Pop Pop! You're food is ready!"

According to Pop Pop, it was a pricey meal, but delicious!

There were quiet snuggles,

play time and giggles, 

and dancing to the musical lamp.

I tried to get a video of the dance, but the baby was suddenly upstaged...

Pop Pop was also trying to get Sweet Pea to say Pop Pop. (By the way, he did...

and he had to give up his stylus for just a!) We also learned on this trip that Snowflake the elf is quite a good knitter.

She can (apparently) knit hats and sweaters and shapes and a little blanket for herself! None of that stuff was around when the family went to bed! "Just thinking about all that knitting," Gramma told Peanut the next morning, "is going to make me tired ALL DAY!" (wink!) Another great visit with the kids, and some super secret knitting that I can finally reveal...a checkerboard, double-knit

Have you finished your holiday knits? Are you close? I hope so, but if not, maybe you should find yourself an elf to help! I wish I could have brought Snowflake home with me, that's for sure...Christmas is a busy time for knitters!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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