Saturday, November 7, 2015

Puppy Dog Face

Do you remember, when you were a kid, that sometimes you could just make the "puppy-dog face" to get that thing you wanted? Sometimes it was cake for breakfast, sometimes it was candy before dinner...and sometimes it was that little toy at K-Mart, the one you didn't want to wait until Christmas for. Most of the time, moms are pretty good at ignoring the puppy-dog face. 

Sometimes, however, moms are tired. Sometimes moms are insanely busy, and the errands never stop, and they feel a little guilty about all the "no" they've said to their kid(s), not because they didn't want to do the thing, but because there simply was not time. Enter the puppy-dog face, and the happy-for-this-moment kiddo, and everyone has a nice memory. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I did it. My mom did it. I'm sure every mom has done it a time or two. 

That's why I feel a little guilty about the hats I just knitted for friends of my son and daughter-in-law, who will soon be adding a little brother to their family of three. Can you even imagine how impossible it will be to ever say no again, when your kids can grab the puppy-dog face from a coat sleeve and put it on at a moment's notice?

Matching puppy-dog faces? Oh, man. This mom has no idea what she's in for! Mindy, I was happy to knit the hats, but DO NOT SIGN MY NAME TO THE CARD! She'll never say no again. lol!

No puppy-dog face for me today! The weather has cooled down a bit, and it is not raining, so I'll be outside for sure. I'll save the knitting for when it gets dark, you know, in half an hour. I hope you've gotten your quota of fresh air and vitamin D today, and I am really glad that you stopped by!

Knit in Good Health!

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