Saturday, November 14, 2015

Let's Talk

I'm a talker. But you knew that, right? I mean, here you are, reading the blog, where I get wordy on a regular basis, so you knew that. Right??? Right. Anyhoo...

I've noticed that I talk about many things on a regular basis, but it usually comes back to the knitting, and I don't confine knitting conversation to knitters. I once talked a lot of knitting with a tattoo artist who finally declared, "This is gonna make you like the queen of your knitting circle, right?," as he applied a 3-inch tattoo to my right ankle. A small tattoo of a sock on double-pointed needles, pretty tame stuff. I considered his comment, and the knitting tattoos I've seen online and on my friends, then chose to just smile and nod. "No," I thought quietly to myself, "we can save the title of Queen for a knitter with a sleeve that she can't hide, or maybe the one who has the flaming skull and cross-needles. This? This is small potatoes."

Most of the time, however, I have an answer for anyone's questions and/or comments about my knitting. A couple weeks ago, my physical therapist asked, "So, what's the weirdest thing you've ever knit?," which caused me to giggle. I don't know why...maybe because I know of some pretty funny stuff that I have NOT knit! Then I got a little quiet (which is weird in and of itself), scrunched my face for a moment, and finally responded, "I don't really knit anything that weird. I mean, there's toys and such, but I can't really think of anything too weird...," and on we went. But, if I don't knit anything weird, why did I giggle? So, I reviewed my project page. 

"Have I made anything weird?," I thought as I scanned 552 projects. If you follow me at, on Ravelry, or on any social know the answer. Rainbow and red-white-and-blue shorts (although technically crochet)? A little weird. Egg hats? Yep. Also a little weird. Handgun? Ok, for me, that tops it. I've knit a gun. That's weird. 

But the following week, when I showed him the pictures, Ben said things like, "Those shorts aren't weird, they're AWESOME!!!," "The gun isn't weird. It's kinda cool. YOU can knit anything!," and, "The egg hats are a little weird, but they are pretty cool, too!" It's kindof a shame he's not knitworthy! 

And then there are the knitters. You may recall a post I published in 2012, the one I called "What happens at knitting..." It's chock-full of the funny things that my knitting friends and I do and say every Thursday at Knit Night. I won't repeat them here, but if you have time, check it out! We know how to have a good time, and we may not be what the average person pictures when they think of knitters! 

Last week, we were sharing our knitting and plans for Christmas decorating. We enjoyed pictures from the year that Alice just left the tree leaning on the couch, rather than picking it up so the dog could knock it over again, lol! Then she showed a picture of Christmas balls that she had put in a bowl for the cat, you the cat would not knock the balls off the tree. Trouble with balls in a bowl is that they don't dangle ! As you might imagine, we knitters roared!

Just this week, I went to lunch with Alice, and we talked knitting (and many other things). As I was telling her my plan for the stockings, she started to giggle. She said, through her guffaws, "Finally, I can tell my friends back home that I know a knitter crazier than me!" Why, thank you, Alice! I'll take that as a compliment, and then I'll tell you about my next project! 

Do you talk knitting? If not knitting, what is your default conversation? I'll bet you make it fun and interesting! Maybe you should start a blog...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I hope that you will talk and Knit in Good Health this holiday season!

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  1. The rainbow shorts. My eyes. My stars that's funny!