Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How Sweet it is to be Loved...

Just before this past Mother's Day, I wrote about love beyond reason, and I thought that I really understood what that was. Moms usually practice love beyond reason. Dads want to know the reason you did what you did, but they still love you beyond reason. I know that I have experienced love beyond reason more often than I deserve in my life, so I really thought I knew what I was talking about. 

Then I spent this past weekend with these two beauties (and their parents)...

I think children understand love beyond reason far better than any adult. When a child loves you, she loves you completely. She waits for you expectantly, reaches for you when you arrive, and she trusts that you are still holding on, even if she lets go...

She ties you up in her love, and draws you into relationship, into living the love of the moment.

She embraces every part of who you are, and makes you better than you are.

She gazes into your eyes and watches for every reaction, waiting to wiggle and giggle infectiously when you make a funny.

And even if you have an awkward moment on a dinner date,

she will continue to love you beyond reason. In fact, whenever you ask the four-year-old why she loves her Pop Pop so very much, it is likely that her answer will be a simple, "Because...Pop Pop!" 

If you press, she will repeat her answer, quickly losing patience and rolling her eyes in a manner that lets you know that you, Gramma, clearly don't understand love beyond reason!

But I am starting to learn, in new and exciting ways, that love beyond reason comes from so many directions! Certainly granddaughters love their Pop Pops beyond reason, and Pop Pops (and Grammas) love their grands (and kids) in the same way...I am thankful that we were first loved by God (John 3:16), until our cups have overflowed (Psalm 23:5), so that we can spill unreasonable love onto them!

We had a great trip to see the kids! The stockings and the blocks, and the hats and the mittens, were all finished by the time we pulled in, and we all had a blast, spelling the days away!

Thank you God, for loving us. Thank you for preparing us to love them. Thank you that they love us back so completely. It is pure bliss to love and to be loved. Amen.

And thank you, readers, for stopping by. Knit (and love) in Good Health!

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