Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mitten Smitten!

In between squishy baby blocks, I've decided to knit some mittens, and I'm having a really good time with them! Or with the first one anyway, and the start of the second! It's the first time I've knit colorwork kids' mittens, and these are fabulous! I did have my doubts at the beginning, and actually I doubted all the way through mitten #1 in Cascade Heritage Sock and Knit Picks Felici (all sold out now, but they'll bring more stripes back every so often)...

That violet stripe doesn't have the contrast I'd like, but Peanut's 4-year-old eyes should still be able to pick out those last few letters. 

And then, I blocked it, and myyy, oh my! 

So very lovely! 

Stitches so even and pretty, and just slightly more "pop" from the letters! I'm absolutely smitten with this alphabet-ed mitten! Why am I still typing? I must knit mitten #2! Then #s 3 and 4 (baby mitts for Sweet Pea, don'tcha-know)! Yes, colorwork mittens are the most fun knittin', hands down!

What's the most fun project YOU've ever knit? I'd love to hear about it in the comments (and maybe add it to my Ravelry queue)!

Thanks for stopping by, and whatever you're knittin', Knit in Good Health!

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