Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Letter F...

F is for when a Gramma and Pop Pop hop in the car for the day, and they drive all the way to these cheese-monsters!

F is for when a tree falls between her house and the playground, and a swordfight breaks out with Pop Pop!

F is for FINALLY...finally Sweet Pea can pull herself up to "cruise" and play!

F is for FUZZY...fuzzy, Pop Pop snuggles...they've all waited so long for this!

F is for FOOT...and for "measuring" your foot on red paper with a red marker so Gramma can knit you new socks!

F is for FACE...cute, little face, reminding us that all the little things really are the BIG things!

F is for FOREVER...forever friends with one of her favorite guys. 

F is for the little shadow-knit box I finished just before we pulled into their driveway. 

Although I may have finished that box, I did receive a new "assignment" from Peanut before I was even standing fully be watching for more knitting, friends! I know that you all would expect nothing less. 

Thanks for stopping by to hear about our latest visit with the kids and their girls, and Knit in Good Health! 

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