Saturday, September 19, 2015

DROPS Sweater of Doom

The morning weather was a little dreary, 
And my eyes were a little bleary...
But I've taken a nap,
And I have cat on my lap,
So it's time to knit something, clearly!

Yes, it's a gray Saturday, and my neighbors (and the cats) have requested that I stop "Singing in the Rain," so here I am. Working on the DROPS Sweater of Doom. The good news is that the sleeves are cinching up those humongous armholes. 

The bad news is that the sweater is still not a perfect fit. 

But (she says in her most optimistic tone), it isn't blocked yet, so there's still a chance! I am holding out hope that a good blocking will make me fall in love again with the DROPS Sweater of Doom. Have you ever knit a sweater like that? Perfect, beautiful sweater (on the model in the pattern), and then...DOOM! Notsomuch as pictured?

I'm going to go find my "Gorgeous" pants. I think I need them today. But maybe I'll wait until the cats move. They look so peaceful... 

I wish you sunshine and rainbows in your knitting, and in everything you do! If these are not part of your actual weather forecast today, I hope that you will find them in your heart. They're there...although they are sometimes difficult to see...but I know you can find them!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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