Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Since We Last Talked...

Since we last talked, I've added some new crochet to my bag...

This is how Black Cat feels about it:

But I don't care, because this cutie and her sister are coming to visit!

I will knit and crochet what I want, when I want, for whomever I wish (unless I'm playing with grandchildren!).

I may be scarce online for the next couple of weeks, but I'll be sure to fill you in when I am back at it! Until then, thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health! (Unless, of course, a grandchild demands your attention. In that case, do whatever that cutie wants, whenever he or she wants to, and enjoy every minute of it!!!)


  1. I thought you might be out stocking up on Felici. I saw it was back and immediately thought of you.

    1. There may or may not be Felici in my cart right now...

  2. Have a fabulous time with those cuties!