Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hip Check!

Even though my last couple of weeks have been far from what I'd consider normal, I seem to have a bit of normal on tap for August. Let's look at my last few summers, to see what a "normal August" means to Pretty:

August 2012 - Total hysterectomy. Sure. Because a uterus the size of a cantaloupe is definitely not normal. I don't remember what I knitted that August, because there were a LOT of painkillers involved, and I apparently did not blog about the surgery until September.

August 2013 - Broken Fingers. After taking up running in May of that year, I fell three times. On my last fall, I broke my fall by breaking three fingers on my left hand. Ouch! Still, I knitted dishcloths, and I managed to finish a sweater for Peanut. Knitting with a cast on one hand requires some determination...

August 2014 - Physical therapy. When I started running, I also started noticing some pain where my leg bone's connected to my hip bone. Eventually, there was an x-ray, showing pretty good arthritis in my left hip, and the doc sent me to an orthopedic guy and physical therapy. I knitted a lot...hurty hips do not affect August knitting, apparently, and I continued knitting on seven pair of Christmas socks through the summer!

August 2015? Well, funny that you should ask. This year, I'm having a hip-replacement. That's right, even after the PT, and even though I have stopped running, still my hip has declined. I assume that there will be painkillers again, so I have already started planning my simple, post-op knitting. I've cast on things like a Sockhead Hat, and I'm almost done with the ribbing, so that will give me miles of mindless stockinette to work with immediately...

There is also a pair of socks, with random ribbed patterning on the leg and foot. This is a self-striping yarn that I am loving, and the pattern is a little more than stockinette, so this one may be post-post-op knitting, when I have fewer painkillers in me, but I'm not quite back to work, etc...

And then there's the scarf...the entrelac scarf. I started it, thinking, "Entrelac really isn't that difficult. I could do it post-op..." Of course, entrelac is not really difficult at all, which is why I've actually finished this one. 

LOL! So, it's not post-op knitting at all. It's for Peanut, because she wanted one "just like Gramma's

"but PINK!" So, now I'll have something to put in her next package. Yay!

I may also cast on a simple sweater or scarf, and I am investigating ideas for that, or I'll wind more yarn for a second sockhead...but for now, I am all about getting back to life, back to reality, and getting ready for a short hospital stay and a 3-month recovery plan. I wonder what NEXT August will bring?!?

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. August is a good time to be laid up, cuz who wants to be out in all that heat anyway? Prayers that the surgery will go perfectly and the rehab will be uneventful.