Saturday, May 30, 2015


We started our day without much of a plan,
loading up knitters in cars, SUVs and a mini-van -

Then we drove and we drove, and we parked in the grass;
and walked over a bridge, into Wool-a-palooza, at last!

We always start the day with a little pit stop,
then we gather the troops and our families to shop!

Fiber and yarn, and Pollywogs! Here we come!
Lamb's Pride and Cotton Fleece were the first yarny fun!

There were spindles from Turtle Made, and gradients from Wolle's...

We shopped and we shopped, 'til our shopping bags were full!

Then we grabbed ourselves some lunch, after waiting in line,

and we went out to the parking lawn to knit in the sunshine -

where we laid out our yarns, our fibers, our spindles,
we "oooh!"-ed, and we "ahhh!"-ed, as the afternoon dwindled.

Then we headed back into the fairgrounds once more.
Did we forget anything? Let's check, just to be sure...

Apparently we did! There was sock yarn from New York -
It was parked in a truck we hadn't seen before!

Then one more pass through the barns and the vendors,
Turns out that we all were pretty big spenders!

And one of us, it seems, was pretty well known...
Her picture's in this pattern book...away we were all blown!

When we returned to the mini, it was the last on the lawn,
So we piled back inside and headed for home.

But before we got too far, we decided to stop,
for a little frozen treat, with whipped cream on top!

Then back into that van, and off we went,
What a fun day, and we were all spent! (So was our money!)

When I finally got home, to my little stoop,
I laid out my finds* before my eyes started to droop...

Sweetie was impressed when he saw it all,
and when he asked what I'd spent, he didn't protest at all. (Yayyy!)

I've already marked the calendar for Wool-a-palooza next May,
and I almost can't wait for the coming of that day!

I haven't slowed down much after all of the fun,
and since last Saturday I've even bought another skein of Color Run.

Now, since I've so much to knit, and the day is half through,
It's time to stop rhyming, and decide what to work on next. (Because I've stopped rhyming...get it?)

This weekend has proven to be slightly more subdued, which is good. There's only so much excitement one Pretty (and Mr. Pretty) can take! lol! Of course, there has been knitting, and there will be more. For now, I think I'll have a little sit down and admire all my new yarn! 

I hope that you have a great Saturday! Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

*Last Saturday's purchases were 9 balls of Cotton Fleece from Pollywogs, 6 skeins of SW wool from Heirlooms, one skein from Knit Buffalo (the mobile yarn shop!), and two, teeny spindles from Jenn at Turtle Made!


  1. Next year- photo of me holding that photo of me holding that photo!